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European Lacrosse League Season Just Around The Corner!

The European Lacrosse League, or ELL, is set to kick off on September 1st in Pilzen, and it looks like Year 2 for the fledgling professional league is off to a good start. The draft is done, the six teams are locked and loaded and the four big tournaments are set.

This year, LaxAllStars will be covering, and promoting, the league in an expanded capacity, and we couldn’t be more excited to be working with the Deutschland Adler LC as they make their ELL debut. The LAS name is splashed across the back of the DALC jerseys, and we’ll be covering the German club quite a bit.


Photo credit: UncommonFit

As we mentioned, the draft is said and done for… but here’s some proof that the DALC draft team was taking it seriously:


Strength in numbers.

Deutschland Adler picked up some serious players in the draft in addition to their previously signed players, and of course, we would be remiss to not give Artjom Merjasch a HUGE shootout for getting picked up by DALC. Art is a longtime LAS reader, occasional road trip roommate and an all around awesome guy/lacrosse player. Great to see some of our buddies getting together!


We knew this was a good move!

Make sure you stay tuned for more European Lacrosse League coverage right here on!