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Everybody Loves Having HomeField Advantage

Jeff Brunelle talks out what it means to have a home field advantage and shares a tool that can help take your lacrosse program get to the next level.

If you’re an athlete, you know what it feels like to have home field advantage. Stepping onto your own field pre-game generates the confidence of being completely prepared. You know what cleats to wear, you know the trainer by first name. You even know where the bathroom is and how long it’s going to take you to make a halftime pit stop. In a very significant way, you know what to expect.

In lacrosse, just like other team sports, knowing what to expect and how to react is half the battle. The more prepared you can be, the better chance you have at winning. And everyone wants to win.

This is why tools like HomeField can work wonders for programs. HomeField enables coaches and players to have access to game film online 24/7. It eases the pain of distributing and trading film, and gives teams an immediate advantage against the competition. Coaches can literally mark game film for individual players.

Currently in use by about 500 sports teams, the power-users among HomeField’s customers are college lacrosse teams. Syracuse, Hopkins, Northwestern, Ohio State, Michigan and Oregon, to name a few.

Much of this has to do with the founders of HomeField, who all have close ties to the sport – but more on that later. First, let’s look at what HomeField has to offer.


Simply put, HomeField is a game film exchange network and private sharing platform for competitive sports teams. This is HomeField:

Beyond instantly making it easy to watch, share and trade game film online, HomeField puts an unparalleled set of tools into the hands of coaches. Whether a coach wants to send individual clips to specific players or hold discussions with groups by position, HomeField makes organizing the footage quick and simple.

HomeField’s newest feature is a customizable video editor allowing coaches to tag and separate clips of game films. Whatever footage a coach wants to focus on with his team (Offense, Defense, Transition, x “or” Faceoffs, etc), he can easily separate and deliver.

There’s also a number of benefits for players, the first and most important of which is 24/7 ACCESS to game film. I can’t tell you how many times I wish I had that when I was in high school and college. Would have a made a difference, no doubt. To check out the rest of HomeField features, head on over to and watch the demo vids.


University of Michigan is one of many teams using HomeField

At this point, I think the value for a coach is clear: Get all your game film in one place online and make it accessible to all your players. Watch. Edit. Teach. Trade.

For players, the biggest value is access. Without it, how would you feel on gameday?

Additionally, while a team’s video is private on HomeField, they can still get fans involved in any video they want with just a few clicks.

Speaking of value, we’ll called this little story from the Assistant Coach at Bryant University “True Life, I’m a Coach and HomeField Helped Me Win“:

“Having immediate access to the VMI/Army game was paramount to our success last week. Due to our game being at Army on a Tuesday afternoon, there was no possible way to get our hands on a DVD from the previous Saturday. The ability to download the VMI film from HomeField on Saturday night allowed us to not only view it as a staff, but to have our players view it online and before practice Monday. Without access to Homefield, we would not have had any Army footage from 2010 to use in our preparation due to the bus leaving campus at 10:00am Tuesday morning.”

Below are a few other select quotes from around the lacrosse community:

“HomeField has given us another great way to teach and communicate with our players. It will only make us a better team this spring.”

– Dave Pietramala, Head Coach, Johns Hopkins

“Homefield allows us to get our video scouting reports to our players quickly and let’s them view the material anytime they want.  The speed and quality of the videos are excellent and our coaches have found it easy to manage.”

– David Huntley, Head Coach, Philly Wings and Toronto Nationals

“We love HomeField.  It makes trading and reviewing game film so simple.  One less thing for our coaches to worry about.  Just upload and away you go!”

– Jon Bongiorno, Director of Lacrosse Operations, University of Oregon


The founders of HomeField are all former collegiate lacrosse players. They came up with the idea and built HomeField because they wanted to help evolve the game of lacrosse.

Reece Pacheco, HomeField’s CEO, started his college lacrosse career playing defense at Bucknell 2002-2003. After two years, he transferred to Brown University where he met and played alongside CTO Dan Spinosa 2004-2005.

HomeField’s third co-founder is Joe Yevoli, well known for his skills as an attackman playing for Virginia 2002-2004 and Syracuse in 2006.

Both Pacheco and Yevoli spent time in the MLL as well; Pacheco for the Boston Cannons in 2007 and Yevoli for San Francisco in 2006 and New Jersey in 2007.

For the full behind the scenes story of how HomeField got started, visit their About page.


Ever seen the new show on HBO called “How To Make It In America”? Well, the main characters start a clothing company called Crisp and the show follows their lives as they literally try to make it in New York City.

Similarly but not so similarly, the founders of HomeField were recently featured as main characters in a documentary.

Entitled “The Startup”, the documentary captures HomeField’s journey to find investors, acquire customers and ultimately put a stake in the ground as an established company in NYC’s technology scene. Check it out here.


HomeField is well worth checking out. The value is clear. The tool is easy to use. The benefits go without saying.… Go sign up before your competition gets there.

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