IN your face laxcast
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In Your Face LaxCast is BACK!

Season 2 of the In Your Face LaxCast is back and on fire already! Ryan Danehy and Andy Towers talk USA U19s, a take on USLacrosse, and part one of a two-part Summer Recap.

Where will the guys go with ANY of this? WHO KNOWS! That’s why you NEED to listen. You just need to. Will they talk about development work in the ol’ USA? You KNOW it. Love listening to these guys talk shop!

Towers even references a McDLT, which was a great and disgusting hot/cold combo. Towers loved it. That was 1988. What a glorious year!

In Your Face LaxCast – Season 2, Ep 1A

It’s so In Your Face, I don’t even know what to do with myself.