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Fancy Lacrosse Glove Modeling School

LAS is unleashing more lacrosse glove mock ups for Duke, Salisbury, Maryland and the ENTIRE Ivy League. Call them suggestions at the very least.

Mock ups keep coming in for custom lacrosse gloves.  With so many manufacturers now offering online customizers that produce high quality, realistic images the trend will only continue.  Our own Peter Tumbas over on 412 should be given much of the credit.  I can’t think of another sport that takes its gear this seriously!

Here is a mock up of every Ivy League school for Maverik Lacrosse that we got from our anonymous Maverik loving reader.  Love the penant inserts!  If only Columbia had a D1 team!  Someday it will happen.

If Maverik ruled the Ivy League…

We now KNOW what gloves Duke and Salisbury will be wearing.  But that doesn’t mean we can’t still dream!  I came up with these 2 gloves in about 5 minutes and personally prefer them to what each of those schools chose but I don’t make the decisions and I’m sure some of you will disagree with me.  After all, custom gear is very personal, especially lacrosse gloves.

Duke Brine Glove mockup LAS edition
STILL not a fan of the King Print.
Salisbury Glove Brine Mockup LAS edition
These are money. Right? RIGHT?

Now we’re still waiting for STX to start dropping their college gloves but of all the teams out there, you have to wonder about Maryland the most.  After last year, I’d love to see them keep it bright with something like this:

STX Lacrosse Maryland Glove mock up LAS edition
These gloves are on fire. Literally.

But I get the feeling they will play it a little more safe and go with something like this:

STX Lacrosse Maryland Glove mock up LAS edition 2
Actually, these are sweet.

Turns out the subdued version might be better.  What do I know?  Either way, Red, Black, Yellow and White look great together.  If they screw this up, they have no one to blame but themselves.

If you want some inspiration or standards, consider these Warrior Toronto Nationals gloves to be high on the list:

Toronto Nationals Lacrosse Gloves Warrior
These are SO good looking. Almost TOO good looking.
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