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Fans React to First Ever MCLA SportsCenter Highlight

[View the story “MCLA Fans React to first SportsCenter Highlight” on Storify]

MCLA Fans React to first SportsCenter Highlight

May 16th, 2012 – For the first time ever, a highlight from the Men’s Collegiate Lacrosse Association (MCLA) was featured on ESPN’s SportsCenter Top 10.

Storified by Lacrosse All Stars · Thu, May 17 2012 03:39:35

It’s official: The Michigan State goal is the first MCLA highlight to make an episode of @espn SportsCenter #MCLA2012 #bigtimeMCLA Fan

A Significant Milestone for the MCLA

The highlight features Michigan State player Mac Ensley’s #SAVAGE behind-the-back goal against the MCLA’s #1 seed, Cal Poly, in the quarterfinals of the MCLA National Tournament in Greenville, South Carolina.

#MCLA2012 Rich
Check out the fan reactions and comments from Mac Ensley below.
@MCLA_Fan @espn this is HUGE for the sport! #growthegameCorben Barnett
Congrats to @macmilly35 for being the first #MCLA player to ever appear on Sportscenter Top 10 #MCLA2012Matt Benson
To the savagest of the savages @macmilly35 #HERBAVORES #Denver2015Stephen Degenhardt
Congrats to Michigan State’s MCLA lacrosse team for getting the Sports Center #3 spot tonight on the top 10. #MCLA2012MSU Men’s Lacrosse
@MCLA_Fan what about the full field Gonzaga d-pole goal last year?Jackson Scott
@ScottJayD Important to note that the Gonzaga goal you reference is Gonzaga College High School, NOT Gonzaga University, a D2 MCLA schoolMCLA Fan
Shout out to @macmilly35 for putting the #MCLA on #SCtop10 #bernieBJS
Shoutout to @macmilly35 getting on @espn #SCTop10 tonight. Making every club athletes year #clubathletesuccessClubAthleteProblems

Comments From Big Mac Attack…

More than flattered to be the first MCLA athlete to make Sportscenter Top 10 #grateful #SAVAGEMac Ensley
Couldn’t do it without all your support and tweets @msulax #lovemyteamMac Ensley
#SAVAGE is trending my life is completeMac Ensley

What His Friends Thought of the Goal…

@macmilly35 Just saw the video…filth. Congrats, you’re soon to be #famous in the lax relm and thanks for growing the game.Casey Flynn
Finally home in my own bed after 14 hrs on a bus. Even though we didn’t pull out the champ in sc, couldn’t be happier for @macmilly35 #savagNicholas Ebrat
.. Been to the grand canyon b4, ive even seen a grown man satisfy a camel. But nothing like @macmilly35 gettin @msulax on sportscenter #epicNicholas Gondek
shout to @macmilly35 with the dirty behind the back goal! Number 3 on sportscenter top 10! #Represent the #green and #whiteDylan Meyer
TITS OUT FOR THE BOYS @macmilly35 @msulax #SAVAGE #GREASECATStephen Degenhardt
"The Big Mac Attack" @macmilly35Dan Fette
shout to @macmilly35 with the dirty behind the back goal! Number 3 on sportscenter top 10! #Represent the #green and #whiteDylan Meyer
Top ten plays of the nite on espn, number 3 went to my high school! @macmilly35Marty McFly
shout to @macmilly35 for his sick goal. way to rep the MCLA big manCam Moyer

The Company Responsible for the Highlight…

@ESPNAssignDesk what are the chances u could help get @macmilly35’s behind the back LAX GOAL on @SportsCenter #SCtop10 Rush
Thanks to @SportsCenter for featuring @macmilly35’s BTB Goal on tonights #SCTop10! See the original and many more here: Rush
Great job by @therushlive, congratulations412 Lax

Other Reactions from Greenville

RT @BowenDK: Pretty sweet #MCLA2012 made espn top 10. Not at all sweet it was me getting scored on. Still won tho #whewSean Fitz
@ConnorWilsonLAS did MCLA make SC top 10 before D3?412 Lax
Southern accents ftw #mcla2012Brauck Cullen
Okay, we just put that last one in from Brauck for fun. We all know he speaks the truth.

Congrats to Mac Ensley, Michigan State, Cal Poly, The Rush, and the entire MCLA community. 

Mac Ensley
Big Mac Attack!