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LXM PRO: A South Texas Perspective

Editor’s note: 412 Lax and John Jiloty of Inside Lacrosse wrote posts on the most recent LXM PRO event in Florida.  Our own Connor Wilson offered up his opinion on the LXM PRO movement to try to find some middle ground, but let’s face it: all three of these guys are hardcore, full-time lacrosse people.  Clearly we were missing an important perspective on the traveling pro tour: what do members of the lacrosse community in emerging areas think?

Well, our newest contributor, Josh Acut of the Flour Bluff Lacrosse Club in Corpus Christi, TX, weighed in with his thoughts on LXM and we think he brings an important point of view to the conversation.  Take it away, Josh!

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion on the success or failure of the LXM PRO Tour events, but THE ONE OPINION that truly matters is mine (now heads are shaking and some of you just called me a nickname that started with profanity, but hear me out).

With time, LXM PRO can and will become the X-Games or Dew Tour of the lacrosse world (some purists are already calling for me out to be burned at the stake, but I’m about to win you over).  Lacrosse is the oldest team sport in America, yet it is still the red-headed step child to the “big three” baseball, football, and basketball.  The lacrosse following is strong, but when you look at it from the eyes of someone from a market where lacrosse is extinct, the lacrosse culture does one thing really well… It stays within its comfort zone, plays it safe, and doesn’t push itself out of the box.

In comes LXM PRO.  They have decided to go into “emerging” markets, which in my eyes is still playing it safe, to put on events where it is willing to share the stage with music, in order to bring in another subculture that can witness lacrosse being played by arguably some of the best lacrosse players in the world.

Now why my rant?  Because the Flour Bluff Lacrosse Club (Corpus Christi, TX) and literally all its ideas, growth, and model are based on the YouTube video of the 1st LXM PRO event.  That video is what I have watched over and over again, and is what I am basing an event I am trying to put together on.  The LXM PRO and all of its athletes wanted to introduce and grow lacrosse in “emerging” markets… Well, they have.

Our initial instruction on how to play were YouTube videos of Kyle Harrison, Joe Walters, Brett Hughes, and the Ritz Bros… All LXM PRO players.  Don’t believe me???  The local news even did a piece on the fact that we had learned how to play lacrosse from the YouTubes!

Now after this recent LXM PRO event in Florida, they will definitely have to do some thinking about how to make each event better and how to grow the game to the best of their abilities, but to all the lacrosse players, fanatics, and critics out there who say they “want to grow the game”… When was the last time you really grew the game?  And if you think personally teaching little kids at a lacrosse camp in the Northeast really counts, it really doesn’t because they already wanted to play and would have just gone to the internet like I did.  Reach out to the “emerging” markets and offer to do clinics there.  Thanks to Will Dalton (MLL) for offering to come to Corpus Christi, TX (that event will happen soon!).

Now I hope to get some real feedback.  Call me out!  Try to put me in my place.  But I’ll end with this:

Did I just offend you?  I hope not.  I hope I just inspired you to buy some extra lacrosse equipment, go to the local junior high or high school football or soccer field, turn on some music, and show people who have NEVER seen lacrosse why we all love it.

@LXMPRO: LXM512 is around the corner.  If you need a wingman in TX call us up, FB LAX has your back.

Peace, Lacrosse, and Happiness,
Josh Acut

P.S. – Gotta end it with a laugh.  If any of you are getting married soon, HOLLA at your boy…. I’m also a wedding officiant!  Rev Chewy can RIP THE DUCK!  Shameless plug, but I hope you’re laughing!

(Photo credit: LXM PRO on Facebook)