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Field Of Dreams

Editor’s note: This is post #2 from Dylan Sheridan. Make sure you check out his first one too, Defining Toughness In College Lacrosse. One thing Dylan will be writing about is his experience as an assistant coach at LVC under John Haus. Here’s an article about Coach Haus, recently written by Jac Coyne.

A couple weekends ago, I made the trek down to Baltimore for my first US Lacrosse Convention. Despite being months away from our first game, I couldn’t help but get caught up in the collective excitement shared by so many laxheads. I met some of the sport’s brightest stars, heard and felt the words of Dr. Lou, and caught up with old teammates. The whole experience reminded me of the many reasons why I love lacrosse.

The Voice: Go the distance.

I’ve been out of college for a few years and working full-time as a college coach almost as long. Looking back and thinking ahead, it’s hard to imagine life without lacrosse. Some would love to label our sport as elitist or exclusive, I have had a much different experience. I love the relative “smallness” of our sport. I’ve seen a poster of Mark Millon hanging in a Japanese dorm room, introduced Aussies to the Armadillo, and I’ve bent an elbow while watching old Princeton games on the telly in a British Pub. I’ve witnessed our sport transcend cultural and language barriers in across the globe. Most of my favorite memories and many of my best friends share lacrosse in common. In return, I feel it’s my duty to share the game.

USA Starz logo

If you’re interested in playing lacrosse in a far off land, experiencing another culture, and making some great friendships, please check out the USA Starz program at

Annie Kinsella: If you build what, who will come?

Ray Kinsella: He didn’t say.

Like many of you, I have spent the better part of winter fighting back nervous excitement for the upcoming 2010 season. This spring I am setting sail with the Flying Dutchmen of Lebanon Valley College: new school, new boss, and new kids. Uncharted waters.

Ray Kinsella: What are you grinning at ghost?

(Lebanon Valley College Lacrosse undefeated since 1985)

Lebanon Valley College is a great liberal arts college tucked quietly between Philly, Long Island, and Baltimore. Last January, the college elected to bring lacrosse back as a varsity sport for both men and women in 2010. Resurrecting a lacrosse program from the dead is no easy chore, but to the college’s credit, they have hired two coaches with serious pedigrees to lead their respective programs. (LVC is a member of the Middle Atlantic Conference and we play a 15 game NCAA D3 schedule, find more info at

Lebanon Valley College Locker Room

Mark: When did these ball players get here?

Now that school is back in session, we will use the next few weeks to separate the players from the pretenders. Like many programs, we are starting off with a gambit of fitness tests. Players freak out about these tests, which is strange because if you do the work, then there’s no reason to be nervous. Frankly, self-discipline can be a tough concept for many college students. Playing time, however, is fairly straightforward. Commitment is really the only thing worth measuring.

Terence Mann: You’re seeing a whole team of psychiatrists, aren’t you?

As coaches, we have realistic expectations for year one, but we’re doing our best to enhance the student-athlete experience and create a “big time” feel. Our friends at Cascade, STX, Nike, Adrenaline, and Silverfin have joined in the effort, helping us outfit our athletes in the best equipment on the market. LVC is a little program with big goals. Recruiting is going well. We are beginning to cultivate a culture of hard work. The foundation is being built, and word is spreading throughout our tiny community. Sure, we have to crawl before we walk. This program is in its infancy; we understand we are going to fall down and get some bruises along the way. Growing pains. Time is the biggest obstacle standing in our way. As with any child…patience is the key.

Terence Mann: People will come Ray. People will most definitely come.


Regarding Whiskers’ comment below:

We are incredibly fortunate at LVC. The college has made a serious commitment to athletics. During the winter months the lacrosse programs have access to the field house, which isn’t as good as being outside, but it’s certainly a nice facility. In addition, the college is making moves to put in field turf and lights on the lacrosse/football stadium after this season.

Here’s a pic of the gym:

LVC Field House

About the author: A 3-time MCLA All-American and Offensive Player of the Year at Claremont McKenna, Dylan is currently assistant coach of the Lebanon Valley College men’s lacrosse team. LVC is in its first year as a DIII program and is led by legendary head coach John Haus. Prior to moving to LVC, Dylan coached DI women’s lacrosse as an assistant at St. Mary’s College in CA.

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