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“My Fight” presented by SISU Guard 

Recently we highlighted the monumental partnership between SISU Guard and the NLL. Now SISU is asking lacrosse enthusiasts to share personal stories of athletic achievement for the chance to win a sponsorship and other prizes.

Lacrosse players from around the globe, young and old, face daily challenges that many of us can barely fathom. Not only do they face these obstacles, but they overcome them and break down barriers along the way. In 2014, Uganda competed in the World Games. In 2015, we saw the birth of the Courage Game. In 2016, there will be a new story, and it could be the one that you share.

It doesn’t have to be your own story, either! There might be a kid on your team, a friend of yours, or someone else you know who’s faced serious adversity, and (with their permission) SISU would love for you to share their fight too!

Follow #MyFight on social media to see how athletes from around the globe are breaking down their barriers through sport.

Ready to tell SISU about YOUR Fight? Visit to share your story today!

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