Syracuse Vs. Duke Lacrosse - Big City Classic
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FINAL College Lacrosse Tournament Pick ‘Em Challenge

UPDATE: three people got all five predictions right, but none of them nailed the correct score margin in the finals.  What is weirdest about that  is that ALL THREE picked Loyola to win by 3 goals.  SO CLOSE!  So technically, we don’t have to give you guys anything, but we’re better than that… so Derek E. Bell, Lucas Meeks and Bud Prue… you have ALL WON GTG lacers and a sticker pack from!  You were all SO close!  Great job picking games!

For the last two weeks I’ve given our readers the chance to win a strung head from me.  All they had to do was correctly pick EVERY college lacrosse game I selected.  I didn’t nail my picks either week, but neither did you guys, and we got over 100 entries each time.  But don’t lose hope!!!!!

This week, we only have FIVE games to pick, so that should help right there.  Plus you’ve been able to see a lot of these teams play on TV or online, so you should be able to make informed decisions!

wells stanwick hopkins traditional lacrosse
The Hop pick threw a lot of people off last week.

Here is how the contest works:

1) I lay out the FIVE college lacrosse games and YOU must pick winners.

2) You must ALSO come up with a margin of victory for the D1 National Championship game.

3) Comment on THIS POST with your winners.  Mine would look like this:

Loyola, Maryland, Dowling, Cortland, Loyola +2

I picked Loyola to beat Notre Dame, Maryland to beat Duke, Dowling to beat Limestone and Cortland to beat Salisbury. Then I picked Loyola to win the D1 title game by 2 goals.  Pretty, simple right?

For a preview of this weekend’s games, check out the FINAL College Lacrosse Weekend Preview: Memorial Day Weekend!, and then go make your picks in the comments section below!

Loyola Vs. Notre Dame

Duke Vs. Maryland

Limestone Vs. Dowling

Cortland Vs. Salisbury

D1 Finals Game + Margin of victory

If there are multiple winners, with the same responses the tie breaker will be who got their comment in sooner!  All winner decisions are solely made by  Good luck… picking college lacrosse game winners isn’t as easy as you thought, is it?!

And if you’re at the Final Four in person, make sure to keep any eye out for Billy Bitter and Maverik Lacrosse as they’ll be hosting some contests at their set up, and we hear the prizes are legit!  Tell Billy that LaxAllStars says HELLO!