final four lacrosse photo
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Final Four Lacrosse Photo Galleries

Jeff Brunelle has been in Philadelphia taking the Final Four in from a fan’s perspective, and he sent over these Final Four Lacrosse Photos for all of us to enjoy! The weather in Philadelphia has been perfect, the lacrosse games have been heated, and the fans have come out in force to support their squads. Check out the photo galleries below to get a taste of the action for yourself!

Final Four Lacrosse Photo Galleries

Denver vs. Notre Dame

This was an epic game, and I challenge anyone who thinks otherwise to a duel. From start to finish, this game was exciting, even if there were lots of turnovers and not as many goals as some had hoped for. WHO CARES? It was still GREAT lacrosse.

Maryland vs. Johns Hopkins

This ages old rivalry game was a good one, and while Maryland tried to pull away, Hop just wouldn’t let them get anything easy. This turned out to be a great game, with a definite State of Maryland flow to it. Both teams possessed, prodded, and pressed, and then they scored. Plenty of times! Another one goal game… at this point, it’s no surprise!

Make sure you watch the NCAA Division I Championship on Monday! It’s going to be an epic game of lacrosse to wrap up the 2015 college season!