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Final Four Lacrosse Video Explosion

Memorial Day Weekend is upon us! While there are only five men’s lacrosse games this weekend, they are the biggest of the big, and all eyes will be on Philadelphia via ESPN, ESPN2,, and crowd in attendance.

If you’ve got a little downtime, the Final Four Lacrosse Video Eplosion has you covered. Get ready for a weekend of pure, unadulterated excellence!

We’ll start off by remembering where we come from…


Do we come from 1976? Whatever. This video is awesome.

Cornell tops Maryland 16-13 in OT. Sudden death wasn’t a thing back then.

RIT Highlights

The Tigers are playing for their first ever men’s lacrosse national title on Saturday. Check out some full game highlights from their victory over Cortland.

Six Nations Video Update

The Six Nations Lacrosse Invitational is going down RIGHT NOW. It’s as much about where we’re from, as where we are going.

This update featuring Mariam Branson, by Alex Alviar, is AMAZING:

We met some of these guys out in Montana, and they can ball!

Harvard 2013 Highlights

Notre Dame, Graduating on the Road

High School Highlights

Loyola Topping Boys Latin. Maryland private high school lacrosse. This and crab cakes. Football? We’ll leave that up for debate. Paul and Tom may disagree.

I personally like this set of MASS highlights. L-S vs Duxbury in Four OTs.

Ward Melville – West Islip is never bad either.

Dear ESPNU, Hire Matt Barkley

USC’s Matt Barkley was great when he tried lacrosse. Engaging, gave it an honest shot, etc, etc. Just pile on the platitudes This guy? Not so much. Yes, Barkley is going to the NFL, but he’s a USC quarterback… how long will he really last?

Lacrosse Growing In West Michigan