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Final Four Weekend – Unsettled Situation Ep. 2

When I went up to the Final Four this year, I got to see some amazing college lacrosse, but I also got to check out seven international teams competing each morning down in Providence, RI for the International Lacrosse Showdown.

Brian Witmer and I did play-by-play for the games, which can all be viewed on the LaxAllStars YouTube Channel, and I documented the weekend for our second episode of Unsettled Situation! A little bit of Foxboro, plenty of Providence, and a whole lot of lacrosse’s biggest weekend!

HUGE thanks goes out to Uncommon Fit for sponsoring this series. Check out their website for amazing custom uniforms, apparel, and the best gosh-darned hoodie on the planet! I wear that hoodie constantly and they do team orders. It even has an insulate drink pocket! Yup, you read that correctly.

Unsettled Situation – Episode 2
Final Four, International Style

To watch all the full games from the International Lacrosse Showdown, check out this playlist:

And see below to Czech out episode 1 of Unsettled Situation. I’ll give you one guess where we went!

Unsettled Situation will continue to progress and roll on this month as we visit another AMAZING lacrosse community, with an impressive event. The attitude and altitude there is something to behold, so stay tuned for that.

Most of you can probably guess where we’re headed next given the clue above, and we are PUMPED. I’ve never been to this event myself, and I’m going to get the FULL experience. I’ll be sure to share it with you all in the hopes that inspires you to do the same thing – get out and see the world through lacrosse!

I’ve been blessed to play this game on four different continents, in too many countries to count, and against some truly impressive and friendly opponents (off the field at least). Get on your horse, get in your car, hop on a plane, or go for a walk. Find some lacrosse to play, some people to meet, and explore the world. It’s all waiting for you!