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Final Four Video Explosion

Yesterday’s games were insanely good. Cornell and Duke delivered with what seemed like three games and an epic shootout finish, while Syracuse and Denver kept things slower, and the scoring was a good deal lower.

I may have missed BOTH winning teams in my preview post (I had Cornell and Denver), but I pretty much nailed how the games went down, save for who actually won. Duke needed their entire offense to show up and put up at LEAST 14 goals. I also said Turri had to have a big day on Pannell. Both things happened, and Duke won, to the surprise of many. The Cornell Press Event after the game was pretty emotional:

Duke Presser was very interesting as well:

Syracuse needed to control their game, and could not play run n gun with Denver. Even though the Orange went down early, they never panicked, and never tried to fast break their way to a win. They slowed it down, and attacked with precision. My big miss on the Cuse game was that Desko seems to have made the better second half adjustments this time around, when I thought it would be Tierney. I didn’t think Cuse WOULD hold Denver to 8 goals, but I thought they COULD. You can now color me fully impressed.

Cuse’s Game Winner

Final Stevenson Practice

It’s game day for the Mustangs! They take on RIT at 4pm today in Philly. The game will be broadcast on

Check out the D2 game at 1pm, and the D3 game at 4pm. Also watch SportsCenter for two Top 10 Lacrosse plays, and some Final Four highlights.