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FINALIST – Top 10 Lacrosse Legends by Steven Trocki

Two weeks ago, Connor Wilson presented his list of Top 10 Lacrosse Player Legends and it started some serious conversation. Next we asked LAS readers, to share your Your Top 10, and man did you guys deliver!!!

LAS Staff members read and analyzed every single submission and picked the best 3 lists to move on to this final round. All 3 top ten lists are posted on our site today. Now it is up to YOU to help us determine the ultimate winner, whose work will be go down in history as’s official list of Top 10 Lacrosse Legends.

To cast your vote and help determine the truest of true Top Ten Lacrosse Players of All-Time, click the Like button at the bottom of the post you like best.

Finalist #1, Finalist #2, Finalist #3


1. Jim Brown

One of the best ATHLETES of all time.

2. Peter E. Eldredge

Definition of an All-Star, led Virginia to first national title in any sport, 3 time All American, won MVP award for Division I, named MVP of North/South Game, and this: he was “honored by the United States Naval Academy as the recipient of the Seth Trophy, awarded to the Naval Academy’s outstanding opponent.” The guy even got an award from another Team! That’s how you know you’re good.  In the Lacrosse Hall of Fame, and had a cool mustache.

3. Oren Lyons

MYTHICAL LEGEND, and every top-ten needs a goalie!


1. Dave Pietramala

One word: SCARY

2. Tom Maracheck

Best hands in the game, crafty, shifty, fun to watch his magic

3. Jim Veltman

Paved the way for players like Brodie Merrill, ground ball MACHINE, nicknamed “SCOOP” for a good reason!


1. Casey Powell

Great Ambassador of the Game, Legend, my favorite player growing up

2. Paul Rabil

New Face of lacrosse, helping the game GROW, a Beast

3. Jay Jalbert

One of the last and greatest 2-way midfielders, could do everything, tough dude I’d love to have on my side


Gary Gait

The “Wayne Gretzky” of lacrosse, revolutionized the sport on and off the field.

Gait is a popular choice for #1!