Gear Matters: Lacrosse Mesh With Grip


Today I’m going to break down the new Firemesh from FireThreads. It’s a high quality semi-soft lacrosse mesh with grippy knobs they call “GripPoint” built in between diamonds.

As a stick maker, I’m interested in pretty much everything that comes out. There have been a few players that make rubberized mesh. Gonzo was a player for awhile, and Brine also took a stab at it way back when.

Firemesh has small nodules put all over it to redirect the ball. The idea is to put rubber on rubber and create a massive amount of hold. I will tell you that it definitely helps you achieve just that!

I just want to go ahead and say this products isn’t for me. It’s not that the mesh is poorly made. I actually really like the mesh! The grip just feels a little bit overkill to me.

I guess my main gripe is that there’s a lot of really quality mesh, and this definitely holds the ball better than those do, however you have to completely and totally change your game – change your pocket – to take advantage. That causes a lot of disruption in your play, and I’m not sure it’s worth it to have X amount of hold to completely throw away your entire pocket theory.

I strung an STX Hammer up a couple of times. What I did to correct this was I just strung a giant massive back. I got to say it’s actually really fun to play with out there. With just a complete and total zero channel pocket in it, my Hammer holds the ball crazy well. However, I’m not necessarily going to say I want play with that all that time.

I wanted to kick this over to Connor Wilson, publisher of LaxAllStars, because obviously there’s going to be contrasting opinions, and I’m not here to say anybody’s efforts to create and invent something new aren’t valid!

Here’s what Connor had to say about Firemesh:

I actually really like this stuff. It doesn’t whip at all which I like, because I like to be able throw a really accurate pass. It has all the hold that you’re ever looking for in a piece of mesh, and I think it’s a great product. Definitely something different worth checking out. I highly recommend it.

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