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Fireside Chat – Coach Rob Novorolsky Of USA Starz

For our latest Fireside Chat, I had the pleasure of playing lacrosse for 2 years with Coach Rob Novorolsky when I was at Notre Dame De Namur University in Belmont, California.  Rob has been doing big things since college to Grow the Game on a GLOBAL level since then.  I caught up with him recently to ask him a few questions.

What is the purpose/ mission of the USA Starz?  

Rob Novorolsky: Well our mission is really simple: to spread the game of lacrosse on a global level, while having the most fun you can handle. Having the chance to meet and create friendships with fellow lacrosse players from around the world is something special. The players get the chance to travel and see things with their own eyes, which I think is really a huge thing, the things you read/learn about can’t be fully understood without touching and seeing firsthand.

Team Photog!

What differentiates their program from other lacrosse organizations who offer world travel?

Rob Novorolsky: I feel that one thing that sets USA Starz apart is our staff each trip has a local feel to it. For example I live in Hannover, Germany and direct the European tours, our New Zealand/Aussie trips have been lead by a Kiwi Mike Clayton. With our staffs’ knowledge and relationships, we get to give the players an experience like no other to mingle outside traditional tourist adventures.

Who Doesn’t Love a Large Statue?

How does a player get involved in the program, what are the requirements to qualify to play, and what can the player expect from this experience?

Rob Novorolsky: Players can apply at if they sign up before Oct 19th they get $200 off their trip. To play you need to be between the ages of 18 and 25 looking to have one of the best experiences of your  life.. Players can expect to see first hand another culture, meet fellow lacrosse players from around the world, create lifelong friendships, and experience all each city has to offer.

What is your best experience on the field with the USA Starz?

Rob Novorolsky: I would have to say young guns vs old dogs in Prague 2009. We had two men’s teams playing each other in the final. It went down to the wire and the old dogs pulled it out. But as a coaching staff we had a blast playing music on the sidelines and chumming it up with one another.

What is your best experience off the field with the USA Starz?

Rob Novorolsky: This one is really hard to answer because we have had so many great memories off the field…. Stag night out, (where we threw one of the coaches a fake bachelor party in Amsterdam) seeing Steve Aoki at the weekend in Berlin, being at deadmau5 in Berlin, playing football at night in Europe, the famous pub crawl of 2010 Prague, being at the Drunken Monkey when Donovan scored in the last world cup….

But I think it goes out to the crew of Prague 09.  We started out with no plan and a walk to the castle, went to a monastery that brewed it’s own beer, proceeded through an apple orchard, found a garden party and spent a few dances with them, hiked up to mini Eiffel tower, hiked back down….. I guess it is the fun we had and the relationships I now have with these guys that makes it so special.

Where have you been with the team?  Where has been your favorite location?  Where are the USA Starz going?

Rob Novorolsky: I have been primarily on the European trips with the cities Prague, Berlin, Hannover, Amsterdam… This year we will be going to one of my favorite cities in Europe, Hamburg!

My favorite location I think is this year’s trip, Hamburg and Amsterdam,  These are two of the most beautiful cities in the world. Also these two cities have a great night life. The Euro Cup will be going on while the teams are here and it’s definitely something special to be out in a square with thousands of soccer fans routing for their country. Just really excited about the trip.

This summer we are traveling to Japan, Australia/New Zealand, and Amsterdam/Hamburg.

Sweet Sweet Domes of the Week?

The USA Starz always are on the cutting edge of Lax Gear (e.g. most recently with Headwrapz), what does the group have plans “gear-wise” for upcoming teams?

Rob Novorolsky: Well this summer we will continue our partnership with STX, Cascade and Adrenaline with some sweet gear (we like that stuff to be a surprise), but one I can let your readers know is that we will be bringing out a USA Starz limited edition Jammypak very soon. We love music and keeping the players and other laxers tapping their feet. This combination it going make the sidelines live up to BIG RIPS, FUN TRIPS.

Jammy Pack!

Bonus Video:  

USA Starz 2012, tesitfy from USA Starz Lacrosse on Vimeo.