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Fireside Chat: ONE BIG Question With Rob Pannell

Editor’s Note: Jonny Namer has a new radio show, which is definitely worth checking out. To give you a taste of what Mr. Namer is bringing to the table, we’ve got a short, one question Fireside Chat Interview by Jonny Namer with Cornell’s Rob Pannell. All it takes is one great question…


Jonny Namer:

Rob, can you give the readers FIVE concrete pieces of advice on what you do to better your skills as a lacrosse player? For example, what can a young lacrosse player do in the off season to take his or her game to the next level?

Rob Pannell:

1) Work on your off hand: I tirelessly work on my left hand so that it is as good as my right in everything that I do. I have been doing this since 7th grade, when I decided to put the stick in my off hand for an entire indoor season.

2) Push yourself to a level where you become unfomfortable: Whether it be in practice or in the weight room, pushing yourself to that extra level, and being uncomfortable, allows you to increase your tolerance for pain and take your game to the next level both with your skills and your physical ability.

3) Watch the top players at your position and mimic what they do: I did this with many players, such as Connor Gill, when I was growing up and always admired the way he played and how he fed the ball.

4) Footwork and agility training: Working on your lacrosse skills is great but footwork and agility training can really help take your game to the next level.

5) Never be satisfied: Even today, with everything I have accomplished so far, I continue to find things in my game which I need to work on and am most critical of myself. It is those who become satisfied with the player they have become that will be passed by the player who continues to tirelessly work on his game.

Great stuff from Jonny and Rob! If you want to see more great stuff like this, pick up some gear from The Lacrosse Shop, so we can keep paying the bills, and bringing you the best lacrosse coverage anywhere!