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Fireside Chat With Chad Loescher, University of Oregon

Oregon MCLA Chad Loescher

Today’s Fireside Chat takes us out to Eugene, OR, where the University of Oregon Ducks are gearing up for what they hope to be a big season under new (and former) head coach Joe Kerwin.

Last weekend the Ducks had a successful showing at the Pac-10 shootout, defeating Cal 14-7 on Saturday and Stanford 12-6 on Sunday. Next Sunday the team hosts the Montana Grizzlies in their home opener. But today… today we visit with #24 Chad Loescher. At 6’6″, 195, he’s a strong, lanky middie with a chip on his shoulder, prepared to finish off his lacrosse career with a bang. Special thanks to the Ducks’ media department for making this interview happen.

Last year you guys got back to the national tournament in Denver after missing it the season before, how do you think this years’ team compares to the ones you’ve been on in previous seasons?
Chad Loescher: The team this year, compared to the previous seasons, has a lot more depth at all the positions and the team is a lot stronger thanks to our strength and conditioning coach, Coach Joel Favor. He has helped the team out tremendously in the gym.

The schedule for this year is pretty tough, playing four of the top five teams, which game are you most looking forward to?
Chad Loescher: 
My top two games I look forward to this year is Michigan at the Patriot Cup and Chapman at home in Eugene. I’ve never had to opportunity to play Michigan and with them being the undefeated 2 time national champions of course that’s my number one game I’m looking forward to. As for Chapman, we gave them a good game on a long road trip so I’m really looking forward to playing them at home after a nice break when we’re rested.

Ducks Workout
The Ducks getting their plyo & conditioning workout in.

What would you say the team chemistry is like for the Ducks? You guys make Emilio Estevez proud and fly together off the field too?

Chad Loescher:We’re like your above average ducks in a pond, chemistry is good even amongst some of the ugly ducklings on the team and if there’s one thing we know how to do good that’s flying together off the field, NFC.

Who would you say is the funniest guy on the team?
Chad Loescher:Excluding myself obviously from this, I would have to go with Blackmore. He was a big hater early on in the years on the bus, but Will D., Jon M., and my humor started to rub off on him so he’s looking pretty funny right now especially with his classy boot he wears.

What’s your favorite part about life at the U of O?
Chad Loescher:Babes, Nike, Night life.

Oregon MCLA Chad Loescher 2
Always keep an emphasis on stretching.

Who do you think will have a break out year for the Ducks this year?

Chad Loescher:Bordner Montagne, he’s been on the Mongolian workout system so he’s looking pretty raw at face-offs.

Since you’re a senior, any plans for after graduation?
Chad Loescher: Other than get $$$, to start going to Mecum Auto Auctions, that’s about it.

What setup do you use to rip?
Chad Loescher: Warrior Diamond Shaft, Edge-X for a head, and for the string job just 3 shooter strings up top.

What’s your reasoning for switching numbers this year? #41 to #24.
Chad Loescher:First, I switched positions from attack to middie so I felt the need to change my number to take on that new middie persona and second of all, Kobe, enough said.

This has been another Lax All Stars Fireside Chat. Stay tuned to the LAS Network for more interviews, and see our full list here.