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Working Out With Kyle Hartzell

Recently, Lacrosse All Stars had the opportunity to talk with professional lacrosse player Kyle Hartzell. Aside from dominating on the field for the Ohio Machine and Washington Stealth, Hartzell recently signed on with a new strength and fitness training company called Go Pro Workouts. We sat down with Kyle to discuss his Go Pro Workout, his specific training regimen and much more.

LAS: How did playing at Salisbury prepare you to play at the next level? What did you learn there that you still incorporate today?

Kyle Hartzell: When I got to Salisbury I had a good work ethic, but it wasn’t good enough. Coach Jim Berkman instilled the will in me to get better every day.  I was introduced to wall ball at Salisbury and what it takes to become a champion.  I still use my college wall ball routine throughout the week after workouts.

How do you prepare differently for the NLL season vs. the MLL season?

Kyle Hartzell: My trainer Coach Jay Dyer changes up my workouts depending on the season.  Indoor involves a lot more cutting and short sprints, were as with outdoor there is a lot more space and room on the field and longer distances to run.

Kyle Hartzell Pro Lacrosse Player

Is it important for poles to condition their bodies to be able to throw checks?  Or is conditioning like they do for football better?  Pure power vs. wielding a stick…

Kyle Hartzell: I think staying strong and staying in the gym on a consistent basis helps with this.  Hitting the wall and doing it properly can make your forearms stronger and make your hands quicker.  I think wall ball is one of the best tools to improve your checks.

How do your Go Pro workouts fit into this idea and your workout regimen?

Kyle Hartzell: My Go Pro Workout is the same exact program I use every year to stay in shape. It incorporates strength and dynamic exercises that are specifically designed to build power and explosiveness, both of which of course are vital to any lacrosse player.

Brendan Mundorf is also listed as a Go Pro athlete. Given your different positions, will your workouts be similar or will each of you focus on the more specific aspects of your positions?

Kyle Hartzell: The workouts are different in that mine provides certain exercises that are geared more towards improving fitness for defensive players and his more towards improving fitness for offensive players. That said the overall goal of both workout programs is the same; improve overall lacrosse fitness.

Kyle Hartzell Pro Lacrosse Player
Longpoles shoot too!

What makes Go Pro Workouts stand out from any other workout program on the market?

Kyle Hartzell: Go Pro Workouts is different than other workout programs out there because it is actually designed by professional athletes. They’re the same exercise plans we use to prepare for our pro lacrosse seasons.  I worked with Go Pro to shoot video and photos of each exercise and they worked with my trainer to write explicit instructions for each as well. So it is far and away the most complete resource for amateur lacrosse players that want to train exactly like a professional lacrosse player does. Go Pro has a great vision for their product and website; they want to flat out provide more content for aspiring athletes than anyone out there. I know they have a lot more planned as well so I am really excited about my partnership with them.

Why is it so important for lacrosse players to not only condition their sticks, but their bodies as well?

Kyle Hartzell: In the sport of lacrosse there is a lot of running, and if you’re not working out and staying in shape then you will feel those effects on the field.  It is extremely important to make sure that not only your body is in shape, but that you keep your stick in your hands throughout the week to improve your stick skills.  Hitting the wall and working out are the building blocks in becoming a great lacrosse player!

Kyle Hartzell Pro Lacrosse Player

Everywhere you go, you always seem to win. What are the consistent aspects of each championship team you have been on?

Kyle Hartzell: I think being consistent and playing together as a team every week is important.  From Salisbury to the Pro’s, every championship team I have been a part of had great coaching staffs and players that wanted to work together and battle for each other week in and week out to accomplish one common goal; a championship. Having teammates around you that want to win and battle each week is a great trait to have for a championship team.

What’s your favorite pre-game meal?

Kyle Hartzell: Chicken parm has been my pre-game meal since college.

What are three songs your listening to right now?

Skrillex: Summit

Deadmau5: Ghosts n stuff (nero remix)

Don’t stop calling (J flash Mash up)

EDM is in!

Kyle Hartzell Pro Lacrosse Player

Thanks for the interview Kyle, good luck this season! Make sure to follow Kyle Hartzell on Twitter @Hartzy1881.

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