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Fireside Chat With Medicine Man Lacrosse

Editor’s Note: We were recently contacted by Medicine Man Lacrosse, and after doing a little digging, we began to really like where these guys are heading with their relatively new company. We had the chance to speak with Peter of Medicine Man Lacrosse to get a little more information, and it makes for a great new addition to the Fireside Chat Series!


What is Medicine Man Lacrosse?

Medicine Man Lacrosse is a new brand of lacrosse clothing for the everyday laxers that want to express their passion for the game, represent their identity to the world and connect to the culture. Medicine Man Lacrosse clothing designs incorporates the passion and dedication players have for lacrosse as well as the heritage and early beginnings of the game.

Medicine Man Lacrosse Logo

When did Medicine Man Lacrosse start?

Medicine Man Lacrosse was incorporated in August of 2011 but finally launched its first product line June 29th, 2012. During these 10 months, the Medicine Man Lacrosse brand identity and central message was crafted to best reflect the ultimate goal of the organization: To provide for the overall health and well-being of the game., players and the lacrosse community.

What is the goal of the company?

The goal of Medicine Man Lacrosse is to unify the lacrosse culture around 3 facets; Love the Game, Live your Passion and Share the Experience. It’s the idea that we can wear lacrosse clothing as a symbol of our passion, dedication and our unwavering love for this game. It’s the idea that we as lacrosse players are unique and by wearing our passion we help direct resources to communities that want to play the game but have little opportunity to do so.

15% of every sale of Medicine Man Lacrosse clothing is donated to Native American Reservations and under privileged communities to start lacrosse programs.

Why did you choose to go in the direction of Native assistance?

The philosophy of Lacrosse has always consisted of a team mentality, a united front moving towards a single goal. This goal is a commitment to individuals who yearn to play the game but have no means to do so. As our privileged society embraces a game created by the Native Americans and help it break through to the mainstream, it is a sign of respect that we come together and help those less fortunate to participate in its glory.

How did it become a central part of the company’s mission?

Medicine Man Lacrosse is an idea inspired by the Medicine Man of Native American culture. The Medicine Man was the spiritual leader of the community that helped to organize the lacrosse games. Lacrosse was mainly played as a spiritual tribulation to life and the Medicine Man helped to facilitate these ceremonies. Upholding these traditions, the Medicine Man brought the community together through lacrosse, which allowed the game to grow and spread beyond its borders.

Who comes up with the designs for Medicine Man?

We have a collaborative effort at Medicine Man Lacrosse where we try to incorporate the subtle intricacies of the game, the spirit and nature from its early beginnings, and the passion of those who dedicate themselves to the game and those who continue to nurture participation in their communities.  We draw on these aspects to help us create clothing that best resonates with the everyday lacrosse player. We also have a creative design team led by Nick DiChiara, a talented graphic artist that captures our vision and accurately portrays them in the designs you see today.

What can we expect to see from you guys in the future?

In the future, we will continue to create lacrosse clothing for the everyday laxers that are truly passionate about this game. Our designs will continue to be inspired from Native American culture, the subtle intricacies of the game, as well as those that dedicate themselves to becoming better players and those that continue to Grow the Game in their communities.

You can also follow our efforts to give 15% of every sale to Native American reservations and under privileged communities to start lacrosse programs by signing up for our newsletter.  Check us out at!