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Fireside Chat Zack Burke, University of Dayton

Zach Burke UD v STJ

In today’s Fireside chat, we take you to the 13th happiest campus in the nation. They call it University of Dayton and rumor is there’s an impressive MCLA lacrosse program there.

We’re talking with Zack Burke, senior midfielder, Captain and Team President – he’s the man in charge in these parts. From their record last year & the new Nike uni’s that just arrived, it appears as though the Marketing & Entrepreneurship major is doing a quality job juggling school work, leading the team on the field and handling team administrative duties off it. Let’s hear what he has to say.

You guys had a helluva season last year, how things going so far this year? Looking to make another appearance in the Title game?

Zack Burke: I think the returning players and especially seniors can all agree, not returning to the title game would be a huge disappointment. Us seniors have been to the Final 4 three years in a row, we can taste it, we just need to finish.

Did fall ball go as expected? What were some highlights?

Zack Burke: We beat DI Lindenwood in LU’s football stadium 10-9. Probably one of the most fun games I’ve ever been a part of. Got pretty chippy towards the end for obvious reasons. The look on Troy Hood’s face I’ll never forget. We lost to Univ of Cincy in OT last game of fall. Fall would have been perfect with a UC win, but can’t win them all.

Is there a road trip or away game you’re most looking forward to this season? Why?

Zack Burke: We go to sophomore CCLA member Davenport’s house to play them and St. John’s the next day. This could be the deciding factor of our season. Davenport last year instantly became our biggest conference rival. The game will not disappoint.

What’s team chemistry at UD like? Do you guys stick together off the field too?

Zack Burke: I live in the ultimate lax house with 6 of my teammates. So many lax sticks everywhere you can barely move. It’s the go to place for the younger guys. We are really tight off the field, but this season especially it needs to come together on the field if we want to have another successful season. We have some good get-togethers.

How would you describe campus life at Dayton?

Zack Burke: UD is an underrated university and an unbelievable place to go to school. The social life is unlike any other school with our ‘Ghetto’ housing for the upperclassman. UD students really support our team. We have great numbers at home games. They’re pretty rowdy at games which other teams can attest to. I think UD was rated the happiest students or something, everyone is super friendly.

Alright, we gotta see these new unis. Care to share?

Zack Burke: You got it…

Dayton 2010 Jerseys

Dayton 2010 Jerseys

Who are few of your teammates we should keep our eyes on this season?

Zack Burke: We have 2 DIII transfers. Connor Carroll from Lynchburg should have a big year. Our attack should be stellar.

You’re president of the team and a senior business major, how do you keep it all straight? Taking a light course load in the spring?

Zack Burke: My course load is manageable. I’m doing some additional stuff within the business school that is keeping me busy. Lax consumes me though. Coach Charlie demands a lot from me, but I do okay managing it and having some fun on the side.

Any big plans after graduation?

Zack Burke: Going back to the Chi and telling all the Fortune 500 companies to stop throwing job opportunities at me.

What songs get you pumped up before a game? Any pre-game traditions?

Zack Burke: I’m a jamband guy, so a couple hippy jams get me pumped. A big fan of Tiesto pregame, and the usual pump-up masters like Rage and Weezy. I wear 2 hippy sweatbands under my armguards to keep them from slipping. Some of my teammates make fun of me for wearing them, but the patent is pending and I’m going to make a million and show them. I always warmup toss with my same dude, we played HS lacrosse together.

This has been another Lax All Stars Fireside Chat. Stay tuned to the LAS Network for more interviews, and see our full list here.