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First REAL Image of STX Lacrosse Helmet

The first real image of the STX Lacrosse Helmet is out, and it means we can officially say that the old STX helmet was hoax was, indeed, a hoax.

The image below showed up on STX’s homepage, but it was much darker. Basically, unless you looked really close, it just looked like a black square.

Since absolutely no one likes holding their phone or computer up to their eyes squinting, we increased the exposure a little bit, and it easily revealed just a little more detail.

STX Lacrosse Helmet

stx lacrosse helmet

Let’s be clear, you can’t really see all that much, but you can tell it’s a lacrosse helmet, and you can see “STX” on the chin strap. There is also the hint of a unique visor line, which looks a little square, but maybe that’s just the angle. If I’m seeing it right, it looks like the helmet also goes down pretty far in the back, which should be good from a protection standpoint. It’s hard to really say without seeing the padding system though.

If you want to really check out the STX Lacrosse Helmet, go to the US Lacrosse Convention this year in Baltimore. We’re hearing there will be tons of them on display down there.

Expect more teaser images from STX, but yes, it’s confirmed. The STX helmet is real, it’s coming this year, and the hoax period is over. The marketing says that it is so!

Now this opens up some interesting questions on a couple levels.

Where will STX try to market this helmet most heavily? Will we see STX sponsored college teams use the helmet? Will it get pushed to high school programs? Or is the target age lower?  You know, get the kids on board early and keep them for life as your product grows and improves. Honestly, I have no idea, but I’m curious to see what happens!

We could also see change in the MLL next Summer. The Cascade contract runs out soon according to the league, and with other brands moving in to the MLL for protection, etc, it only makes sense that the helmet category will open up as well. If STX can have Kyle Harrison wearing an STX helmet for The Machine, they will. That’s to be expected.

A couple of different companies have tried to enter the helmet game, and some, like Cascade, Brine, and Warrior, have seen success, while others, like Easton, Riddell, and DeBeer, did not seem to have the staying power. It’s a tricky market to be sure, and the current Cascade behemoth is a tough competitor. If anyone can pull it off though, it might just be STX.

The next step is actually putting one of these on my head. Enough with the waiting game!