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Five Pro Lacrosse Players You Must Follow on Twitter

If you’re anything like us, you’re always looking to add more lacrosse to your life, and technology is no exception. That’s why we’ve compiled our Top 5 Pro Lacrosse Players On Twitter list. Stop following Alec Baldwin and Drake and get back to reality and what’s important… lax!

Jovan Miller repping Maverik Lacrosse
Jovan Miller repping Maverik Lacrosse

5) Jovan Miller

When you follow Jovan, you get pure @JoviNation23 100% of the time. There is NO holding back. Jovan tells it like he sees it as consistently as anyone in the Twitter game. Disagree and he’ll argue with you, give him love and you’re bound for a RT. He’s opinionated and engaging. Well worth the follow!

Bocklet playing with the Outlaws

4) Matt Bocklet

Looking for a more intellectual take on Twitter, and possibly life? Then look no further than Mr. Matt Bocklet, or @Bocko7. His 140 character quips are more interesting than 90% of the other random tweets out there, plus he provides lots of Denver Outlaws chatter. Bocko is a reformed desk jockey, and he often does the impossible on Twitter: he uses proper punctuation.

Jerry Ragonese face off TailGators RIT
Jerry Ragonese winning another face off.

3) Jerry Ragonese

Jerry, aka @Flowgo37, is the design man for Pro Athletics, and he just loves talking lax. He will engage with you, show off fresh new designs, and talk about a broad range of topics, including what an awful idea it is to insert a credit card into your car’s CD player. Ragonese is also prone to engaging with SwankLax, which is always entertaining.

Connor Martin Con Bro in Nicaragua!
Connor Martin in Nicaragua!

2) Connor Martin

@Con_Bro_Chill literally studied Twitter in college. Crazy? Yes, but only in the sense of being like a fox! Connor Martin is good for funny photos, lots of Growing The Game and a pretty healthy bromance with Brett Hughes. The two are Ohio Machine teammates and fellow GTGers, after all. It’s adorable.

Kyle Harrison Grow The Game
Kyle Harrison Grows The Game

1) Kyle Harrison

Kyle is primarily on Twitter doing a couple of things… answering questions from fans (he’s great at that), promoting LXM PRO or STX, showing off new Nike sneakers (so many sneakers!), or making you feel bad about not working out enough. Seriously, I think the only reason Kyle gets so many new sneakers is because he wears through them so quickly. I don’t work out at all because I think he does enough for the two of us.

All kidding aside, @KyleHarrison18 is a great follow because he’s at it from early in the day to late at night, and while he’s tweeting he’s also always working. He is the example setter in all of this. Want to see success in the lacrosse world? You need to work at it THAT hard. Want to know what it takes? Follow Kyle Harrison.

If you’re on Twitter, make sure to check out these five professional lacrosse players. They’re worth the time and the follow! And don’t forget to follow us @LaxAllStars as well! See you in the Twitterverse!

Who are your favorite pros the follow?