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Flex Test Comp SP 2.0
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Flex Test: TRUE COMP 2.0, 7 Flex

What degree of handle flex is right for you? Lorne Smith, TRUE Global Sales Manager and 3x All American and NCAA National Champion at Princeton puts the TRUE COMP 2.0, 7 Flex in the hands of Middle School, High School and MLL players to help understand how different degrees of flex work with different age players.

The COMP 2.0, 7 Flex is the perfect stick for players just starting out in lacrosse or those interested in learning how a composite stick can advance their game. Featuring our proprietary SmartPly technology, which optimizes ply angle, order and thickness for maximum strength and superior pop.

Do your own Flex Test with a TRUE or any other Composite handle and let us know what flex is right for your game and what kind of feel it gives you. Email your results to Lorne at