Flex Test: TRUE COMP 4.0, 6 and 9 Flex


What degree of handle flex is right for you? Lorne Smith, TRUE Global Sales Manager and 3x All American and NCAA National Champion at Princeton puts the TRUE COMP 4.0, 6 and 9 Flex in the hands of Middle School, High School and MLL players to help understand how different degrees of flex work with different age players.

The TRUE COMP 4.0 features alloy performance in a lighter weight composite handle. The COMP 4.0 gives all the performance of top end alloy sticks with an arm saving 10% weight reduction.

Our SmartFlex technology optimizes the amount of shaft flex for each position. The COMP 4.0 attack handles come in two distinct flexes to maximize shot speed for different shooting styles. HD Attack Box and HD Defense versions feature a heavier wall. Available in black. Slight concave shape and fine-texture grip provide all-weather confidence without the need for tape.

Attack available in 6 Flex, 9 Flex. Defense in 5 Flex. Goalie in 2 Flex, black only.

Do your own Flex Test with a TRUE or any other Composite handle and let us know what flex is right for your game and what kind of feel it gives you. Email your results to Lorne at flextest@truetothegame.com

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TRUE designs, engineers and manufactures the best performance-driven lacrosse handles available. TRUE engineers have developed some of the game’s most enduring technologies including SmartFlex, SmartPly and Loading Zone. Made True. Play True. Follow on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube! www.true-lacrosse.com TRUE is part of True Temper. The company markets a complete line of golf shafts and performance sports products in more than 30 countries throughout the world. True Temper Sports is proudly represented by 1,000 individuals in ten facilities located in the United States, Europe, Japan, China and Australia. For more information visit www.truetemper.com