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FlexForce 2020 New Product Spotlight

FlexForce: New Product Spotlight

You may have recently noticed a fresh item on the market called FlexForce. This innovative new product is designed to help restore warped lacrosse heads.

FlexForce is designed to easily slide into the lacrosse head and widen the inner walls approximately 3.75″ apart from each other.

What is FlexForce?

FlexForce is a tool used to help reform any modern men’s lacrosse head back to its original factory shape.

The new innovative product empowers a player to fight warping, or the transforming of a plastic lacrosse head in unintended places. This a very common problem faced by competitive lacrosse players throughout the world.

FlexForceA lacrosse head loses its factory shape most often during hot temperatures, but regardless of the weather, this can also simply occur from intense in-game action, especially at the face-off position and playing box. Sometimes heads even unexpectedly get warped in transit, like when a team is traveling by bus and sticks are stored in the cargo compartment underneath.

When a lacrosse head becomes too warped, the player’s control of the ball is inconsistent. If the throat of the head becomes too pinched, the player’s stick could be called illegal during official gameplay. Players specializing in the face-off position commonly experience a similar challenge and fight it off “pinch” using a hockey puck or softball stored in their gear bag.

How The FlexForce Works

The product has two main functions: restoration and maintenance, which we call “stick care”. When you restore a used head using the FlexForce, you’re literally rescuing and extending its life. Not surprisingly, it’s a smart move to insert the FlexForce when your stick isn’t in action to keep your head in tip-top shape and ensure it always meets legal dimensions. In other words: Keep your stick game ready.

Let’s break things down further, starting with a word from the inventor, TJ Herbert:

TJ also filled us in further on the product’s design:

The product is wider than 3.5″, the normal manufactured distance between sidewalls, because the plastic sidewalls tend to want to shrink back to its original pinched distance. After a lot of trial and error, we have found that the plastic wants to shrink back down about two-tenths of an inch, which is why FlexForce is about two-tenths of an inch wider than the desired distance.

The angles along the sides of FlexForce allow the product to gradually slide in and expand the walls of the head. Eventually the 3.75” of the product makes contact with the pinched area of the head. The extruded “ribs” on the lower sides of FlexForce are designed to hold the product in place and prevent it from sliding out of the head.

The design and size of the FlexForce aren’t its only key qualities, however. The product is made with a mixed polycarbonate and ABS material which makes it extremely durable and heat resistant up to 225 degrees.

Use Case #1: Rescue Used Sticks

scott ratliff give and go foundationLet’s say you’re an experienced player, and you have a collection of used, old and warped lacrosse heads sitting around your place. You might have just found out about FlexForce and are currently trying to figure out a way to disrupt space-time so that your present-self won’t run into your current dilemma of having a bunch of unusable heads (I’ve been doing a bit of reading of science fiction novels lately, which may have contributed to this anecdote).

Luckily for you, FlexForce can help you shape these warped heads back into the proper legal dimensions. You can snag a FlexForce, insert it, and bake each of these old heads in the oven at 120 degrees.

This doesn’t have to be about you, either. We’re connected to hundreds, if not thousands, of aspiring youth athletes across the globe who are underserved. Consider restoring your heads and donating them to a charity like the Give & Go Foundation, and we’ll put them to good use!

Use Case #2: Maintain Your Equipment

FlexForce: new product widens lacrosse heads

If you just got a nice, shiny new genuine lacrosse head, chances are you want it to last a long time. Elite players are known to go through many per season, and that can really rack up the bills!

Regularly utilizing the FlexForce throughout the course of a season helps protect a head’s shape and prevent unnecessary damage from the elements. Inserting the FlexForce overnight will help reset the shape of a head back toward the original structure it had when it was fresh out of the factory.

You’re improving your chances of winning whenever you take care of your stick.

Consistency is the first sign of greatness.

Where To Buy

If I did my job right you were probably looking for a link to purchase the FlexForce by the time you read the word “you” at the beginning of this article. FlexForce costs $20.00 and includes free shipping when you buy it on LaxAllStars. You can also customize it.


If you did read everything, however, I’d like to welcome you to join our new Product Testing Club.

Interested in placing a team order? Contact us for group pricing now.

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