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flip flopping loyola vs lehigh

Flip Flopping Means It’s A Poll

You won’t see any flip flopping or hear any white noise from me. Whatever my opinions are this week is what they have always been. Top 20 poll votes time!

You won’t see any flip flopping or hear any white noise from me. Whatever my opinions are this week is what they have always been. You think a team is looking good right now? I thought they were good in the preseason poll months ago, and I still think they look just great. If there is one thing I’m known for it’s consistency… and young people liking me.

Technically, that last part was really two things, and not one thing, but I deserve two things for some reason I’ve been told is very legitimate by my people. I may not be in touch with the people, but I know how to wrangle support from my people! I’ve got experience. Enough with The Burning. Enough with the Making Polls Great Again.

Now, let’s get to these media poll votes so I can show you that I’m JUST LIKE YOU. I’m young, hip, I know how to ride the subway, and I will lay down my wicked cool hippity hop votes in the best interest of the people… because that’s who I work for, and who I’ve always worked for. Always.

NO Flip Flopping Top 20 Poll

1) Yale – I have always liked Yale. Undefeated and they have a superb Law School.
2) Brown – How can you not love a high-powered offense that is always attacking? I know I do. Da Bears, right? Right, guys? Hello? Guys?
3) Denver – These golden domers know how to run a system, and work a system, but don’t call them insiders!
4) Notre Dame – The ND defense is well-run. When it gives up goals, it is on purpose.
5) Syracuse – 1-3 in their last four games but I did a speaking engagement for them a while back so… but seriously, I’m not beholden to them at all. Trust me.
6) Albany – Albany is getting stronger as the season goes on. Maybe I really need to pay attention to these guys. Could they win New York?
7) Stony Brook – A couple of star players push Stony Brook past average to excellent.
8) Towson – Their record speaks for itself, just like mine!
9) Maryland – Hard to figure out, but if anyone can work with Maryland, it’s me. Top 10 team.
10) Villanova – Nova’s reliance on one guy scares me a little, but they can be dynamic.
11) Army – I support these guys fully. Always have.
12) Navy – USNA is consistent, athletic, and persistent. And they are good!
13) Air Force – 10 straight wins is pretty good, right?
14) Duke – Up, down, hard to predict.
15) UNC – The Heels seem to be rising, and at the right time.
16) Johns Hopkins – This team has seen an incredible amount of adversity, and their fight back is nothing short of inspiring.
17) Rutgers – Without a stronger SOS it’s hard to move them too much higher.
18) Marquette – Another SOS issue, but an 8-1 showing is something!
19) Loyola – Loyola still has some fight left in them! See what I did there. I told you I could be funny.
20) Penn State – A win over Denver gets them in this week, but two Top 20 losses and two NON-Top 20 losses make it a tenuous spot at best.

Honorable Mention: Maryland Women’s Lacrosse! These ladies are 12-0, which is amazing. Just amazing. While they can’t compete with the men in this poll, I added them in here, just to show I care. Would I actually vote for them if I could? No. But I will talk about them for sure.

See? I told you I was consistent. These have always been my positions! Well, at least until next week when I have more information… but even then, my positions won’t have changed, even if they have. I’m tried and true, experienced and passionate, and I really want to lead this poll for the next 12… I mean 8… I mean 4… years. 4 weeks. That’s what I meant, and it’s what I’ve always meant.

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