“Flip” – You Want To Watch This

Flip naumburg_movie_lacrosse

“Flip” is a video project that Epoch Lacrosse and Lacrosse All Stars undertook together with one goal in mind: to showcase a truly special and intriguing man within our community. Epoch had just finished working closely with Flip Naumburg on The Hawk, their new head, and the idea for the movie about him was born. We hope this gives you a glimpse into Flip’s world, and that you can see just how far lacrosse can help take you, if you give it all you can.

Thanks to Epoch for making this happen, and special credit goes to Will Drusch for the video work. Thanks to Flip and Mike, and the rest of the Naumburg family, for inviting us into their lives for a little while. Finally, thanks to everyone we spoke with and met, from the Sorans, to Kale Nelson, to some of the current CSU players.

FLIP – A Lacrosse Movie

For more on Flip Naumburg, check out Rock-It Pocket, as well as his Soapbox posts on LAS! Learn from a legend, stay humble, and stay hungry! This man is a gift to our game, and our world. If you see him, give him a big hug. He deserves it, and he’s a hugger.


  1. This was awesome to watch, I had never realized that the Rock-it-Pocket was created for such a reason. When I first saw one my teammates told me it was just a fad and that I should overlook it. I had never really thought about when flat heads would’ve started to not be used as much and the reasons behind the change. This really opened my eyes about how the game developed and grew and I’m honestly grateful I got to watch it. I don’t think I’ll ever view lacrosse the same again, knowing people like Flip Naumburg play the same game as I do and have an impact in it, makes me all the more proud to play lacrosse.

  2. It’s the Flip Naumburgs of the world that make lacrosse the brotherhood that it is, especially in the non-hotbed areas where it takes a selfless stewardship of the game to help the sport “take the extra step to greatness” to borrow from Quint. Kudos to LAS for showcasing this GTG OG.

  3. This is definitely worth a watch by everyone. I finally own a Rock-It-Pocket after years of drooling over the website. It’s by far one of the most innovative pockets I have ever played with. Flip Naumburg had the right idea with the pocket and offset head. These two things are huge game changers and I can’t believe they came from one man. I hope we see more advances in the game whether it’s with gear or the game in general.