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floating sidewall pita pocket
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Floating Sidewall Pita Pocket – USA

We teamed up with StylinStrings to offer FIVE Limited Edition Floating Sidewall Pita Pockets, and these things are MINT! Here’s a little more info and background on this LE product we’re proud to have helped produce.

While I love stringing, there is no way I could offer out my services to people. I simple don’t have the time. StylinStrings, on the other hand, strings professionally, so the idea of them stringing up pockets I like to string made a lot of sense. We have a bunch of pockets up on their website already, but this Floating Sidewall Pita Pocket is definitely something special.

Floating Sidewall Pita Pocket – Limited Edition

Pick one up before they’re all gone!

Now, I want to be clear about something here:

The floating sidewall pita pocket is NOT something I designed.

First off, let’s start with a little background on the pocket! The first floating sidewall pita I ever saw was in the hands of Jay Spatafora, an Nassau CC player who would go on to play for the Arizona LaxCats in the MCLA. It was perfect, and it had been strung up by John Basti, who is now the Head Coach at D1 Sacred Heart. He was an assistant at Fairfield at the time.

Floating Sidewall Pita Pocket – Benefits Explained

The floating sidewalls allow this pocket to become a hammock, and the ball is the person swaying back and forth in the breeze on a summer day. The consistency of a smooth release, the feel of the ball in the pocket, and the narrow channel are all key benefits to this floating sidewall design. The original by John Basti floated the sidewall the whole way, and that works well too, but for durability and a better break-in, I attached the top third of the sidewall to the head.

This pocket offers great hold, excellent consistency, and could quickly become your go-to for traditionally strung pockets. Since no one else was sharing this amazing pocket with the world, I made some slight adjustments to it, and here we are!