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Fly Music

If you want to be a professional lacrosse player, it’s worth considering an often unspoken requirement of the job: You have to be willing to fly. The ability to travel is just as important as your willingness to workout and improve your skills.

Traveling across the country all the time isn’t easy. It can be a serious pain. We polled several pro lacrosse players in the MLL and NLL about how they cope with the long flights, and guess what most said?


There’s arguably nothing that improves drive, focus and, in the case of flying, relaxation more than listening to music. So we created this Fly Music playlist with the top 16 songs for travel as recommended by the pros.

WARNING: Songs include explicit lyrics not suitable for all audiences.

Click play below or select a platform to start listening now: Spotify   Apple Music

What are you listening to these days? Let us know and maybe we’ll include it in the next LaxAllStars music playlist!