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Focused Friday Lacrosse Video Explosion

This Lacrosse Video Explosion is VERY focused, and it only has the newest, least seen, but still awesome lacrosse video out there. A new LAS gem, a BHSVideoDad instant classic, and some other top notch stuff. Enjoy the Summer lacrosse video excellence on this fantastic friday!

BHSVideoDad Lacrosse Video – Bigfoot At Tahoe

Spoiler alert: there is a goalie goal in there. Yup, it’s a must have!

Philly Wings Last Home Opener Ever

It was kind of sad making this video, but it had to be done. We had the footage from earlier in the year, but never had the time to use it (that was post-Convention/start of the season time, you’ll remember), but it seemed appropriate now that the Wings are leaving Philadelphia. A sincere thanks to the Wings organization for DECADES of American box lacrosse. We wish the team and city the best.

WAC – Top 5 Games of 2014

Washington College is putting up videos about their Top 5 games of 2014 and up first is their 20-7 win over Gettysburg. Why is this video included? Because it’s WAY more than date college highlights. The first 1:07 is basically stand up comedy from one of the WAC assistants. Personally, I loved it and think this kind of authenticity can attract recruits.

Tufts Lacrosse Video 2014 Trailer

You knew it was coming. Now it’s here. Always good, and this one is no different! I know it’s just a trailer, but it’s a VERY GOOD trailer. Sometimes that’s better than the other full videos out there!

Excellent use of drone technology.

If you get the chance, go out and make your own awesome video this weekend. We want to see it. Help feed the machine! Send it in to us, and we’ll do something with it, or not. The important things is to try!

Video explosion out.