FOGO GoPro Footage: Team TLN

Team TLN GoPro

Heeyoung Leem, one of the FOGOs on Team TLN, whom I played with last weekend, rocked a GoPro in some of our games and got some great footage. The camera falls off right away in the first game, and is picked up by the ref – all hilariously caught on camera. Hee strapped on the GoPro for another game and caught footage of our warmups and some of the game.

Check out that Orange Balloon in the background – hot air balloon rides at a lax tournament is still an awesome selling point for this tourney.

If you’re looking really closely you can see me putting my gear on around the 0:37 mark.

Also, in case you missed the first Team TLN highlight we posted, check out this long pole behind the back goal from X.

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Kevin grew up in Irvine, CA where he started playing lacrosse in the 6th grade. He played for multiple teams in the Adrenaline Starz organization back in the days before Adrenaline was an official sponsor, and played four years for the Northwood High School Timberwolves. Now, Kevin attends UCLA and plays attack for the Bruins.

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