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Forum Friday: Box or Field?

Forum Fridays

Welcome to Forum Friday! With all the great talk going on in the Lacrosse All Stars Forums, we want to give you the chance to join in on the conversation and let your voice be heard. Each Friday we will showcase one of our Forum topics for you to check out and join in on.

This week, users are discussing the long debated question of which is better, Box or Field lacrosse?

rile posted the following:

I want to know if box lacrosse truly is “A Canadian Sport” and if Americans are really just “field-freaks”. But if that’s the case how could the NLL support 6 American teams? I want to know which one is more popular where by finding out what your preferred version of the sport is. Be sure to mention whether you are Canadian or American when responding with your preferred version. Thank you to everyone who responds!!

Several people have already joined the conversation to give their opinion, some are for box, some are for field, some just want to play lacrosse!. Want to add something to the conversation? Click here.

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