Four-Sport Athlete Mick MacLaverty is The Ultimate Lax Bro


Mick MacLavertyMick MacLaverty is a machine. 4 sports in high school and one of them was squash?! When I read his bio I was undeniably impressed. Now he can add one more specialty to the list: Parody. I think…

Lax pinnies, spoons, flow and nearly 15,000 views so far — Mick MacLavarty plays ‘Brantford Winstonworth’ as The Ultimate Lax Bro in this parody of the Division 1 club baller lifestyle. In the context of the video, I’m assuming “club” means MCLA Division 1.

Currently an attackman at St. Lawrence University, MacLaverty was a 4-sport athlete in high school and hails from the hometown of Kenilworth, IL (which is about 18.2 miles from Chicago O’Hare Int’l in case anyone was wondering). Lacrosse, Football, Swimming and Squash were his claim to fame in high school.

Thanks to this video, Mick has a great piece of work to add to his resume. But before he does that, I must ask, is this something to be proud of? Does it represent Lacrosse as we know it? You be the judge.

NCAA bros: what’s your take?

MCLA bros: Are you offended?

Personally, I found parts of the video absolutely hilarious. “Do I get chicks? Yes. Do I play lacrosse? Yes. Do I get chicks because I play lacrosse? No, I’m very affluent.” But with 15K views and counting, I also see how this video could misrepresent the sport I have grown to love. At LAS, we’ve got a mix of NCAA & MCLA guys on staff, and we all tend to have a mutual respect for one another. I suppose you could say we’re all lax bros… Maybe we’re The Ultimate Lax Bros?

Anyway… Mick, if you’re out there, do you think your next video could be about squash? I really need to get my head around this sport.

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