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bag-flier-2 lacrossewear voyager bag
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Free Stuff: LacrosseWear Gear Bag Giveaway!

We’ve got a top notch gear bag to give away from LacrosseWear down in Florida and we’re excited to be able to showcase their new product!  LacrosseWear has been in the Shorts, shooters and t-shirt game for a while now.  It all started in Bo Lamon’s apartment a number of years back, but if you go to his store in Coconut Creek, Florida and get a tour of the production area, you’d never know he started in such humble beginnings.  LW has started making Voyager team bags, and just like everything else, they do, the bags scream LAX!!!!  This is the kind of bag you can fit all your gear in and be prepared for anything.

The bags are 42″ long and offer the ability to be customized with different side panel colors available.  The side panels can also be screenprinted or embroidered.  The bags retail starting at $70, so this is already a great giveaway!

Lacrossewear Gear Bag
The bag and nothing but the bag.

They sent the bag to Connor Wilson to check it out first and now that he’s had his fill, we’re giving it away.  Of course, we’re not JUST giving away this excellent bag all on its own either… it will be stuffed with some other goodies as well (why else would you need a bag but for swag?) because we’re nice like that!

Curious about how big the bag is?  These photos should take care of that!

Lacrossewear Gear Bag
Now the bag is FULL of gear. Don't believe us?
Lacrossewear Gear Bag
Gear explosion! LacrosseWear bag held it all!
Lacrossewear Gear Bag
That's some sweet swag! The winner's extra swag will be a surprise!

Connor fit 2 helemts, 2 pairs of gloves, 4 short sticks, a pair of cleats, a pair of turfs, 3 pairs of arm pads, shoulder pads, rib pads, a cup, two jerseys, two pairs of shorts, socks, and STILL had room for more.  If it can hold all of Connor’s gear, it can hold all of yours!

The bag features a separate stick compartment on the bottom, a LARGE shoe/cleat compartment at one end, a clear oval for team logos on the other end on top of a smaller end pocket, a BIG center compartment, and two long skinny pockets on either side.  The sticks fit in no problem and Connor said he probably could have thrown in another set of equipment.  Three sets in one bag?  That’s space right there.

Like we said above, the additional swag we include will be a total surprise, and the better the winning entry is, the better the swag will be!  Pretty simple, right?

Now how do you win this bag (and bag swag)?  Simple.  In the comments, tell us what YOU want to see in a gear bag!  LacrosseWear would love to hear your suggestions on how to make a product better so the best suggestion gets the bag, and all the goodies hidden inside.

Be creative, come up with as many recommendations as you can and stay positive!  The comment must be made at the bottom of this post and you have until the end of Friday to comment on the post!  You can also like a comment through our commenting system so if you can get your friends to “like” your comment on this page, that will only help!

LacrosseWear came to us because they know our readers are the most engaged and intelligent on the internet.  Prove to them that they made the right choice and get down with yo’ bad selves!

Call LacrosseWear for custom bags at 954.429.1091!!!!  Now get to commenting and WINNING.

NOTE: We are NOT giving away all of Connor’s gear in the pictures.  That would be TOO ridiculous.

bag-flier-2 lacrossewear voyager bag