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Friday Lacrosse Drop, Now With Caption Contest!

fall ball slash to the head lacrosse
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Welcome to another fantastic Friday!  It’s the last Friday of 2011 so we’re going to pack all of our lacrosse news into ONE action packed Lacrosse Drop so you don’t miss a single thing!  Plus 412 has Winter Fashion Week reaching its apex today and tomorrow, so why even try to compete with that?  The best items of 2011 are still to be released and graded and the new gear parade for 2012 isn’t stopping…  And a big thanks to Lacrosse Panda for sponsoring Fashion Week!  Their custom Riot colors make me want one color custom Riots myself.

Now on to the Lacrosse Drop, which also features a CAPTION CONTEST at the end!  So read all the way through and comment on the last photo in the comments section (duh!) to win some sweet Grow The Game laces!

The Yard Sale to End ALL Yard Sales

This check.  Just love it.  That is all.


Preseason Rankings For EVERY College Division

Lacrosse Magazine recently released their Preseason Polls for pretty much every college league in existence.  Other than Michigan no longer sitting atop MCLA D1, there really aren’t too many notable decisions on any of the lists.  The good teams from last year are back and the traditional powers dominate the Top 20.  That’s the way it has been, that’s the way it will continue to be, and in the end it doesn’t matter at all because Preseason rankings are TOTALLY meaningless.  Fun to talk about though!  My surprise moves in 2012 will be Amherst in the Top 3 for DIII Men, Simon Fraser in the Top 10 for MCLA D1 and Mercy in the top 3 for NCAA DII.  I also think OSU will be higher than 20 quite quickly once the season starts.


NLL Season Hasn’t Even Started and Edmonton is STRUGGLING

The NLL season doesn’t start for another week and the Edmonton Rush are already running into some issues.  First, they put “Edmonton” on the front of their new jerseys twice, so they could be called the Edmonton Edmonton Rush, and NOW they are engaged in a cheerleader/gear debacle and it’s still only December.  We saw this post on LPG.  Where do we even begin?

Ok, we’ll start with the worst part.  The worst part is that the Rush used cheerleaders to show off lacrosse padding in an over the top obvious case of objectifying women as nothing more than sex symbols.  Hey let’s take some photos of young women wearing tight “clothes” and sell tickets and lax equipment!  Overall, it’s a weak marketing effort and it appeals to the lowest common denominator of the fan base.  Reebok, the Rush and the NLL can definitely do better than this.  This is “Slap Shot” style marketing, but please try to remember that movie was satire.  Of course, when you look a little deeper at the gear used in the photo shoot, it’s even MORE of a disaster.

The NLL is sponsored by Reebok, right?  And the Rush Dancer is holding a stick.  A Reebok stick, right?  Nope.  It’s an STX stick.  But not just any STX stick… it’s a WOMEN’s STX stick… but not just any women’s STX stick… it’s a Women’s STX stick strung up with mesh!!!!  WTF?  The Rush probably have Reebok heads ALL over the place, but somehow they managed to use an STX women’s stick in their photo shoot.  It’s like they’re trying to fail.  More efforts like this and the NLL will perpetually remain a minor league struggling to break even.  It’s kind of sad actually.

Edmonton Rush Crush Reebok ad stick shoulder pads

Does this ad make me want to buy shoulder pads? Nope.


Want To String Up Your Mohawk Head?  Here’s How!

Ok, so if you purchased an Ultimate Grab Bag, you got hooked up with a sweet head from Mohawk Lacrosse.  Unlike many other modern heads, the Mohawk heads don’t feature an over abundance of stringing holes on the sidewall, but don’t fret because I can still show you some tricks on how to string one up right!  It’s all about experimentation and never giving up!  Once you get it right, the Mohawk head will definitely be a favorite!  Strong as hell, lasts forever and a full off-set.  I’m a fan!  Plus the vertical dyed East Coast Mesh I put in there looks SICK, right?!?!?!

Mohawk Lacrosse Mach 1 East Coast Dyes

Love that mesh! And the head!

Mohawk Lacrosse Mach 1 East Coast Dyes

Pay closest attention to the sidewall area!

Mohawk Lacrosse Mach 1 East Coast Dyes

Just love that mesh! So fresh.


STX Releases 2012 Navy Lax Gloves and Pads

Ah, Facebook… a magical place filled with photos, senseless updates and the most recent college lacrosse gear.  It’s a weird place.  But STX has used it to drop their new padding on the world.  You can check out the arm pads on facebook.

Navy 2012 STX Lacrosse Gear gloves

A lot of black on there... but they work!

AND New Hopkins Nike Gloves?  SWEEEEEEEET


The North American Lacrosse League Holds Supplemental Draft

The NALL started off by each team picking up one or two key players, THEN they had a draft, and now they are having a supplemental draft on Saturday sometime in the future. It was supposed to be held this weekend, but for some reason it was postponed.  It seems like a lot of movement for publicity’s sake, and that’s actually a good idea for a fledgling league.  It’s certainly better than marketing the league via mysoginy, but I digress.  Last time around we saw a mix of US box players, big time D1 players and some people even I had never heard of.  It makes me think teams are really doing some research and gives me hope for this American version of pro box lacrosse.


Best Lacrosse Photos From 2011 – Victoria Harris of All American Shots

Victoria Harris takes a Schmidt load of lax photos every year out in the Utah area, and she has her best shots from 2011 up now.  Some are absolutely breathtaking!  Great work Victoria!


Caption Contest!

Our main man in the SELC, Scott MacPherson has been uploading set after set of great SELC 2011 photos on MCLAFan, but he is also providing us with this week’s Caption Contest photo!  A little fall ball action?  Don’t mind if we do!  Scott supplied the photo, you supply the witty caption in the comments and we pick a winner and supply them with GTG Laces!  Simple but awesome!

fall ball slash to the head lacrosse

Get to commenting!

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