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Friday Lacrosse Drop

LAS is working on big things! We’ve got new t-shirts, excellent Division 3 NCAA content and some amazing video planned, but in the meantime we’re still pumping out great stuff every single day.

I don’t usually do this, but today I’ll start on a sad note.  The lacrosse world lost one of its own on November 4th.  33 year old John Greco passed away; he was the head coach of Montclair State University (NCAA Div 3).  Greco took the team to the NCAA’s last year and ended up 15-4.  We used to mop the floor with Montclair State but just last year they beat my alma mater, Wesleyan.  Greco was doing great things in New Jersey and he will be missed. Greco was young so use this as a lesson and live every moment to the fullest!

Now here are a couple of links to help you live the laxiest life possible: More Delaware fall tourney highlights from, a UPenn fall lacrosse recap video (also on, Iroquois vs. The World highlights from Hawaii via IL, more Hawaii Halloween pictures, and finally, Native Lacrosse Ripfest 2010 highlights:

[fvplayer src=”″ splash=”” caption=”Native Lacrosse – Rip Fest 2010″]

Switching gears…

Since we’ve been doing a little work on the future of custom lacrosse we thought it would be a solid idea to give out some thumbs up to teams doing it right.  It’s not ALL about looking good, but it never hurts.

NCAA Div 1 UVM looks great when they wear green helmets.  Pair those lids with nice all-green uniforms and we have ourselves a winner!  Throw some yellow shorts in there once in a while and you’ve got something really special! Thanks to Steve McLaughlin of Steve McLaughlin Photography for sending over the fantastic picture.  If you’re in the Northeast and need someone to take great game photos, contact Steve.  Very impressed with his shots.

Great pic! UVM is looking nice. Hartford has great all white helmets btw.

Connecticut College, of the vaunted NESCAC (NCAA Div 3), also rocks a great uniform.  The school insignia on the chest of the uniforms is classic and they don’t do anything to crazy.  With only two main colors, Conn has really pulled off a striking look.  Well done, Camels!  Yes, Conn College’s mascot is the Camel.  Goes right along with the other wacky NESCAC mascots: Polar Bears (Bowdoin), Jumbos (Tufts), White Mules (Colby), Bantams (Trinity), Purple Cows (Williams) and Lord Jeffs (Amherst).  Bates, Wesleyan and Middlebury play it a bit safer with the Bobcats, Cardinals and Panthers respectively.  Wesleyan used to be the Fighting Methodists.  So there’s always that.

All navy can be brutal. The Camels rock it out though.

In the MCLA World, we’ve seen Michigan go grey.  It worked for them, especially with the navy and yellow because both colors provided a lot of contrast.  Grey also looks great with a bright green and white, as Stevenson proved last year.  This year, BYU has brought the grays back to the scrimmage field and I definitely approve. Nothing says going to work like grey and navy!  When I see teams with super custom practice gear, I often laugh. When you do it right, like they do in Indiana, it works.  But when you don’t?  Oh noes.  The only thing that would be better would be if BYU also had grey shorts.  That would be truly workman-like.

Sometimes looking good off the field is just as important.  Ok, it’s not at all but it sure is fun!  Check out Steven Brooks, Scott Rodgers and… someone else Joe Cinosky in the back of a limo on the way to the Hawaii Invitational. Thanks to Sara Gulley for the picture!  Keep it classy, lax bros.

Riding in style. Rodgers is a monster.

Speaking of keeping it classy, our boys over at StrikerDanger are trying to give away some free stuff.  Become a fan on facebook and you could win a pair of these outrageous SD shorts.  My eyes are bleeding red, white and blue. Success!!


Striker Danger just released their 2011 Catalogue so make sure you check their site out in time for the holidays. These guys did up ridiculous uniforms for their Miami team last year (which they allowed me to play on) and they hooked the Southampton LC up with 2 sets of uniforms this spring and summer so I know what I’m talking about. They do work! And they don’t even give us discounts, so if I’m still recommending them, you know I’m telling the truth.

Finally, if you don’t already read Gear Patrol, you should.  Lately they’ve covered all-leather sneakers (timely!), bourbon, cameras, KICK-ass speakers and box set DVDs of The Goonies.  Yeah, I thought so.  Gear Patrol is also on Twitter.  That’s my #FollowFriday.