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Friday Lacrosse Wild Rumpus: RIT, Morgan State, LaxPrax, NEW GEAR, And MORE!

Friday night usually holds the promise of a game on Saturday during the Spring, but there are two college lacrosse games on tonight!  Bonus.  7pm we see Hopkins and Army on CBS College Sports and at 8pm we get Notre Dame and UNC on ESPNU.  I’ll take either one.  Both is even better.  I’m really excited to see the ND D guard Galasso after their loss to Cuse last week.

Saturday’s lineup has conference finals all over the place. Check your local listings.  Good lax action coming!

Now on to the Friday lax.

2011 Morgan State Lacrosse Highlights

Morgan State is a legendary school in college lacrosse lore.  The book Ten Bears by Dr. Miles Harrison (Kyle Harrison’s dad) is about the team (back when they were still a D1 program) and to my knowledge, they are the only NCAA lacrosse team that has existed at one America’s many historically black colleges and universities.  Someone correct me if I’m wrong on that, it’s certainly possible!

Right now, Morgan State has a club team, and there is a push to get them back to D1 status, but it hasn’t come easy.  Seeing as lacrosse is the state sport of Maryland, it seems clear that Morgan STATE, should offer a team again.  But what do I know?

In the meantime, enjoy these highlight from the 2011 Morgan State Club Season!  Anything we can do to keep spreading the word about these guys!  Way to go, Bears!


NEW Brine Trace Arm Pad

The new Brine Trace Arm Pad is out. The South Swell Blog had ’em up first.  Interesting looking piece of gear!  I like South Swell’s photo effort.  Those guys must have gone to art school or something.

Brine Trace Arm Pad
That's how you crop.


RIT is my Number 1 Team in D3 right NOW.

The DIII game has been a tough one to predict this year, but RIT has captured my top spot vote over on laxpower for the past couple of weeks.  They dismantled Stevens, who is very talented, and make a game with Nazareth look like an almost easy win.  This is a top notch squad.  Tufts and Cortland (amongst others) will be tough up North, but RIT is looking really strong, and so far, they just don’t know how to lose.

If you like DIII lax and haven’t had a chance to see RIT play much, their highlights are well worth it.  They can run, play D, move the ball in transition, and they can shoot.  Oh boy, can they shoot!  It’s fun to watch.  Youngsters take note.  More overhand.

RIT – Nazareth highlights worth watching on


Team LaxPrax Lacrosse-STX Is Getting Geared Up

On the heels of the success of TLL’s inagural Fall-Winter campaign, GM Lee Southren has decided to share not only his plans for the club, but he’s also got their new uniforms with to show off.  Gear.
Lee says that TLL has been working with Jeff Serge AKA “The Sergeon’ from Breakaway Lacrosse, in New York to design player uniforms AND fan wear, customized Helmets, and protective gear.
Lee said, “we will be offerring customized STX K-18 GLOVES in out team colors that were mocked up by our STX rep, Pat Heim, and believe you me, we will be one of the first to have the “Lime” color on the gloves.  All Players who order the Gloves will have their last name, number and Team logo embriodered on the gloves, Costom Arm pads, Pro 7 helmets and a full line of Nike-STX gear will be available in a year round online store, soon to be opened”.
TLL will be expanding to three Teams this Fall, offering 7th, 8th and a HS Team. They are currently working on invitations to fill out rosters, so if you’re in the Jersey area, keep your eyes open!
Team LaxPrax Lacrosse-STX uniformsTeam LaxPrax Lacrosse-STX uniforms
Team LaxPrax Lacrosse-STX UniformsTeam LaxPrax Lacrosse-STX Uniforms
The Shorts.
Team LaxPrax Lacrosse-STX Uniforms


Buick Needs to Rename this car.

We don’t drive these.  Misnomer.  Enjoy your weekend!

Seriously, Buick?


Bed-Stuy is beautiful this time of year.

Bedford-Stuyvesant Brooklyn, NY New York
bb pic.