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Woozles Dos Equis Tahoe Lacrosse tourney

Friday Lake Tahoe Lacrosse Tournament Action

LAS has a Friday Tahoe Lacrosse Tournament Recap! We’ve got stories, scores, game info, photos and so much more! Stick around all week for more and more Tahoe Lax coverage! Woozles, ho!

This year’s Lake Tahoe Lacrosse Tournament was AWESOME.  The weather held up without fail, and the sun was out all weekend.  Temperatures topped out at around 80 degrees and the mountain air was clean and easy on the lungs – especially for those of us who were coming from dirtier, smoggier, urban areas like NYC and San Francisco.  The mornings were cool (perfect for long walks to get coffee and breakfast) and the afternoons were warm, but not hot, and perfect for lax and sitting around outside.

Woozles goalie Blake Gaudet lacrosse Tahoe
Woozles Goalie, Blake Gaudet, at Tahoe.

Guys and girls rolled in to Tahoe starting on Wednesday morning, and the stragglers all arrived by Friday in the early afternoon at the latest.  Our first game of the tournament was against the local Tahoe Dawgs, and for the first half, it was a pretty intense game.  The Dawgs used a combination of dodging middies and overtly physical play to keep the game tied at 5 at the half.  In the second frame, we figured out their experienced D and clamped down on our defensive end to win pretty easily. A good way to kick off the tourney!

Woozles ride hard lacrosse Tahoe
Ride hard Wooz!

It took us most of the first half to realize their older, but crafty and excellent, goalie was playing stick side HEAVY.  But he wasn’t bad.  He was BAITING US!  As soon as a shooter released the ball, the keeper shifted to the off stick heavy side of the goal.  So we started shooting at him… and things changed.

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Woozles Nate Fristts goal lacrosse Tahoe
Nate figured it out. Goal.

A little over an hour later we took on Mountain Top in our bracket’s championship game, but this UCSB alum-laden team came out hot and we were never really in it, although we did play better as the game went on, making the game feel a bit closer.  I think we won the second half of the game, but definitely lost the first half big.  The MT guys scored a couple early goals, turned away a couple of great chances for the Wooz crew, and cruised to the victory.  They played hard and fast and more importantly… they played together.  Teams that can play together at Tahoe do well.  Those that don’t, struggle.  In our second game, we struggled.

Woozles Connor Wilson lacrosse Tahoe Mountain Top
I’m old (31) but still running on D. When I can anyway…

But it wasn’t the end of the world!  And while one always wants to win, it’s not the end-all, be-all of Tahoe.  There is still plenty of lax left to be played, and plenty of Tahoe to be enjoyed with old friends and new.  So we regrouped, watched the next game on the Incline Village Green fields, made some plans for dinner and the night’s activities, and we were off.  It was a super day of lax so far, and it’d only get better.

Woozles Kane Henderson lacrosse Tahoe Dawgs lax
Kane driving on the Tahoe Dawgs.

The majority of the guys got some food, relaxed as only Woozles know how to, and then went to the tourney party at Crosby’s just up the road.  The central location of our condos made walking easy, and it was nice to work out some of the bruising and stiffness.  Got to stretch the legs!  We stayed in 3 different condos and they were pretty much divided into: Old People, Veteran Woozles Couple House, and Club Woozle.  I was obviously in the old people condo.

Woozles Dos Equis Tahoe Lacrosse tourney
Dos Equis was the beer, Wooz was the helmet.

A lot of the Woozles have been playing together for 8+ years, and it’s so great to see all of those guys get back together each year and Wooz it up.  They’ve kept it fun every year and although the team constantly changes, the new guys always manage to bring in an excellent attitude, not to mention their fresh legs.  The veterans just try to keep the vibe going and play as much as their bodies will allow.  I managed to get in two games this year before a MASSIVE shin bruise put me out for the rest of the weekend.  But that means more video highlights of everyone else, so it’s worth it for you!

Woozles Dos Equis Tahoe Lacrosse tourney
More Woozles/Tahoe Dawgs

Thanks to Rachel Cohen for EXCELLENT photographic work all weekend!  Woozle, Woozle, Rah! Sis Boom Bah.  For full galleries, check out the LAS Facebook page!  Tahoe Dawgs, Mountain Top, Clif Bar!  It’s all there!

Woozles Dos Equis Tahoe Lacrosse tourney
Move it!
Woozles Dos Equis Tahoe Lacrosse tourney thailand lacrosse warrior
Lots of sweet gear to show off from OTHER trips
Woozles Dos Equis Tahoe Lacrosse tourney
Ratzke clearing the ball. He hit me in the shin with a shot in warm ups and injured me.
Woozles Dos Equis Tahoe Lacrosse tourney
Very little quarter was given.
Woozles Dos Equis Tahoe Lacrosse tourney
Rory. Stud D-man.
Woozles Dos Equis Tahoe Lacrosse tourney tramp stamp
Yes, it’s fake. Yes, it’s awesome. We love Brandon.
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