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From The X!

In this first edition of “From The X!”  we recap of the Chapman/San Diego game, chalk talk with Coaches Mike Wood and Mike DeWan, and rundown the upcoming games going on in beautiful SoCal. Who you got in the big BYU/Chapman game?

For those who are out of the loop, from the heart of the OC in the city of Orange sits Chapman University.  A small school in size but a huge force on the lacrosse turf.  When I got to the game on Saturday, Chaptown was already brutalizing San Diego.   They wasted no time out of the gates in showing why they are a team to watch.  The energy from the team and the fans was exciting.  The pace of the game was a step up, a couple steps actually, from the DII action I posted about St Mary’s and UCI.

The turn out from the fans was respectable, cowbells and all, even though no directions are posted on the Chapman website.

#13 for Chappie is Madison Fiore, a NCAA transfer from Maryland, and he was a leading scorer in the game with 6 goals and 1 assist (Editor’s note: only has him with 6-0 but we’ll trust 412)  Here’s a clip of Fiore mixing it up.

He didn’t find the back of the net but he’s got style.

The intensity was all there.  Even though the score was 15-2 at the end of 60 minutes, San Diego kept their heads up.  Their first tally wasn’t until 11:50 of the fourth.  With a drought like that it would be hard to keep your morale high.  Coach DeWan explains partly how they did it below.

At this point I’d like to introduce a new ongoing series: From the X! This is the series semi-premiere, so it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles yet,  but you’ll get all the best lacrosse action from southern Caifornia.  Like I said there are still a couple things that need to be tweaked for the double official premiere at the Chapman/BYU game.  The official premiere will come at you from the SDSU/BYU game (if I can get work off ).

Anyway here is the unofficial semi-premiere of From the X! Interviews with Chapman’s head coach Mike Wood and University of San Deigos’s head coach Mike DeWan.
[fvplayer src=”″ splash=”” caption=”Head Coach Mike Wood Chapman University.mp4″]

My apologies to head coach Mike DeWan.  Due to an editing error the first 30 seconds of his interview cut off.  I’ve taken actions to punish my tech guy Gus so that it will not happen again.
[fvplayer src=”″ splash=”” caption=”Head Coach Mike DeWan University San Diego.mp4″]

Coming up for this week:

February 11

SDSU plays BYU @ SDSU 6:30pm                                Map it here PG610 is the name of their field.

February 13

USC plays Washington State @ Washington State 11:30am

UCLA plays Arizona State @ UCLA  1:00pm         Map it here

USC plays Oregon State @ Washington State 1:00pm

Cal State Fullerton plays Long Beach @ Long Beach 1:00pm  Apparently these are the directions to their field  (Well done Long Beach)

UCI plays Concordia @ Concordia 1:00pm

University of San Diego plays Claremont @ Claremont 2:00pm

The Big Show Chapman plays BYU @ Chapman 7:00pm  Google it for directions

Possibly some high school action in the cards.

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What’s the feeling?  Is Chapman or BYU gonna come away with the win this week?  Fight it out in the poll and comments.