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LASNAI game schedule
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Full LASNAI Game Schedule Released!

Today we release the full LASNAI Game Schedule! We already knew who was in each pool group, but now we know when they play, and how this whole thing is going to shake out! It’s been highly anticipated, but LASNAI week is upon us! It all kicks off Thursday!

We’ll run through a couple of quick tourney updates, and hit you with the full schedule below. It’s really REAL!

NEW 12th Team – Syracuse Stingers!

One change that took place late last week was that the Native Sons had to drop out, and the Syracuse Stingers took their place. The Native Sons played a TON of lacrosse this Summer, and were bitten by the injury bug a bit after a full Can-Am season, a long President’s Cup run, and many of their players participating in the Nations Cup last weekend. We’re bummed to not have them playing, but they’re already talking about 2017, and we’re excited to see them participating in the LASNAI next year!

The Syracuse Stingers will be part local talent (Neal Powless and friends) and part Six Nations talent (led by Gewas Schindler and Cam Bomberry), and we’re THRILLED to have them playing in the LASNAI. I’ve sent teams up to play against the Stingers in the past, and it’s a great organization, run by great people. A HUGE THANKS to the Stingers for filling a void and bringing their brand of exciting box lacrosse to our event!

Syracuse Stingers vs NYC Lax All Stars Box Photo credit: Larry Palumbo
Photo Credit: Larry Palumbo

Address For Onondaga Nation Fieldhouse

If you’re coming in person, you’ll need an address for your GPS, so here you go –

Tsha’ Thoñ’nhes
(Onondaga Nation Fieldhouse)

3370 Route 11A
Onondaga Nation
Nedrow, NY 13120

If you’re watching from home, you’ll need to subscribe to our YouTube channel, so you can watch all the games for FREE!

LaxAllStars YouTube Channel

Sponsor Shoutout

The following companies have stepped up to support the LASNAI, and we thank them for eternally! Without these guys, the event doesn’t happen, so support these brands, as they support the box game!

LaxChat – A great new social media app that focuses on lacrosse 100% of the time! Make sure you sign up for LaxChat for a TON of behind the scenes action all LASNAI long!

Traditional Lacrosse – TLAX has made wooden sticks widely available once again, and their custom engraving work is out of this world. TLAX will be on site vending as well!

Uncommon Fit – UcFit is producing our tournament polos, house team uniforms, All-Star uniforms, ref shirts, LaserShark uniforms, TBL uniforms, and Jamaica uniforms! They are also producing all the event apparel and will be on site vending, so make sure to visit them online, and in person!

Epoch LacrosseEpoch Lacrosse is sponsoring our “three stars” of the game for ALL of our placement games. Each of the three stars from each game receives a full Epoch stick set up. UNREAL!

Quiet Storm Custom Wraps – Custom face masks, dasher boards, and unreal helmet wraps, that’s what QSC does. They’ll be on site showing off their goods, and providing tourney dashers, so check out their crazy selection of goods and services. – Game balls and warm up balls will be provided by Thanks to these guys for stepping up in a major way to make sure games (and warm ups!) are played with nothing but freshies! Huge!

LASNAI Game Schedule

Here it is, the full LASNAI Game Schedule. We have all the pool games listed out, and the playoff set up is good to go. Take a look to see where it’s all going down!

*denotes a “pool game”, #denotes a “play-in game”, ^denotes a Quarterfinal game

Thursday, September 29th – Pool Games
Noon – Thompson Bros Lacrosse Vs Syracuse Stingers*
1pm – LCC Radotín Vs Nova Scotia Privateers*
2pm – Team Jamaica Vs Brooklyn Dodgers*
3pm – Nova Scotia Privateers Vs Caughnawaga Indians*
4pm – LAS House Team Vs Goldstar Tel Aviv*
5pm – LCC Radotín Vs Caughnawaga Indians*
6pm – LAS House Team Vs Onondaga Redhawks*
7pm – Uncommon Fit LaserSharks Vs Team Jamaica*
8pm – Onondaga Redhawks Vs Goldstar Tel Aviv*
9pm – Brooklyn Dodgers Vs Uncommon Fit LaserSharks*

Friday, September 30th – Pool And Playoffs
Noon – Vermont Voyageurs Vs Thompson Bros Lacrosse*
1pm – Syracuse Stingers Vs Vermont Voyageeurs*
2pm – 2nd place in group A Vs 3rd place in group C#
3pm – 2nd place in group D Vs 3rd place in group B#
4pm – 2nd place in group C Vs 3rd place in group A#
5pm – 2nd place in group B Vs 3rd place in group D#
6pm – Loser of 1pm game vs Loser of 2pm game
7pm – Loser of 3pm game vs Loser of 4pm game
8pm – 1st place in group B Vs Winner of 1pm Game^
9pm – 1st place in group C Vs Winner of 2pm Game^
10pm – 1st place in group D Vs Winner of 3pm Game^
11pm – 1st place in group A Vs Winner of 4pm Game^

Saturday, October 1st – Semis and Final Games
11am – 5th place Semifinal #1
Noon – 5th place Semifinal #2
1pm – Semifinal #1
2pm – Semifinal #2
3pm – 11th place game
4pm – 9th place game
5pm – 7th place game
6pm – 5th place game
7pm – 3rd place game
8pm – Championship Game

All games are 2x 15 minutes halves running time, except the top bracket semifinals, which are 3x 12 minute periods running time, and the finals, which are 3x 12 minute periods stop time.

So there you have it! We know who’s playing, we know when they are playing, and we know how the playoffs could shape up. It all depends on how teams finish in their groups, but everyone can see their path to a title or final spot.

Full Roster of Announced Teams

  1. LCC Radotín – Czech Republic national champions
  2. Vermont Voyageurs – the best Sr B team in the US
  3. Nova Scotia Privateers – representing the Eastern Canadian provinces
  4. GoldStar Tel Aviv – Israel’s best
  5. Brooklyn Dodgers – 2x defending NYC champions
  6. Onondaga Redhawks – Can-AM champions, and the “home” team
  7. Jamaica Disapora – yes, you read that correctly
  8. Uncommon Fit LaserSharks – Mostly Americans, with plenty of experience
  9. House Team – that’s us!
  10. Thompson Brothers Lacrosse – The Thompson brothers and friends
  11. Caughnawaga Indians – QSLL and former TNL program
  12. Syracuse Stingers – our final addition!

Who’s going to take it all in Year 1? Go ahead, start making wild predictions!