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Game Grower of the Month: April 2013

Today we’re excited to announce our April Game Grower of the Month in collaboration with Easton Lacrosse. It is our hope that the GTG Award will inspire others to give back by recognizing those that already do!

Now without further ado, the April 2013 Game Grower of the Month is…

Jamie Plunkett of Berlin, Germany

Jamie is a frequenter on LAS and is very involved with the Box Lacrosse scene in Germany, to the point where many said without him it may not exist! He has helped the German Team, Deutschland Adler, the European Lacrosse League, and many other German lacrosse tournaments. We were told he also coaches the Berlin team and is never afraid to help someone out when it comes to 1 on 1 coaching.

Jamie is a huge advocate for the game in Germany and has done so much to help Grow The Game abroad, congrats Jamie!

Jamie Plunkett

Congratulations to Jamie Plunkett,’s April 2013 Game Grower of the Month! To reward Jamie for his efforts, Easton Lacrosse will be supplying him with a Stealth HS Head and his choice of the Stealth Scandium+ Shaft or the Stealth RS Ultralite Shaft.

Easton Lacrosse Prize Pack

Recently, we sat down with Jamie to learn more about what he’s doing to help grow the great sport of lacrosse in and around his current residence of Berlin, Germany.

LAS: Can you describe the state of lacrosse in your area?

JP: Although lacrosse in Germany has been around for 20 years, upon arrival I was surprised by how underdeveloped the sport is across the nation as a whole. Sure there are pockets of greatness, but generally the attitude towards lacrosse is not one to yield exponential growth. In Berlin, there are 3 different clubs that have lacrosse: Berliner Hockey Club has a men’s team, Victoria has a men’s and women’s team and our club, SCC-BLAX has a men’s, 2 women’s, girl’s and boy’s teams.

In what ways are you involved in growing the sport in your area?

I coach both the men’s and youth boy’s teams for SCC – BLAX (Berlin Lacrosse). I hold camps throughout the year for field and box lacrosse in a variety of places, most recently, Finland. This past summer, I established the first German Indoor team to compete internationally in the European Lacrosse League (ELL). The Deutschland Adler Lacrosse Club (DALC) competed and won the ELL title. My main goal with the DALC is to send the first German Indoor team to the next World Championships in Buffalo 2015.

What is the biggest obstacle for lacrosse growth in your area?

Lack of knowledge of lacrosse throughout the general population, which makes it hard to attract new players and in turn makes it hard to get new members and to grow.

Jamie Plunkett

How did you get involved with the sport? Who taught you the game?

I played hockey in the winter and lacrosse in the summer like the majority of the kids from Peterborough, Ontario. In the winter we would go for a skate on the lake and train for hockey and in the summer we would take shots on the net against the barn. From early on my dad always coached my house league lacrosse and all star teams. As I got older, my knowledge and skills were acquired from playing with older guys, like my brother.

What has been your biggest accomplishment when it comes to growing the game?

Winning the ELL with the Deutschland Adler in our first season.

Who or what inspires you most to help grow the game?

The guys that have been playing field lacrosse that have now started to play box lacrosse and have re-ignited their passion for the game.

What is your favorite thing about our sport? What has drawn you to lacrosse the most?

The community and camaraderie are my favorite things about the sport. I haven’t been drawn to lacrosse. Growing up in Peterborough, it’s just what we did.

Jamie Plunkett

Do you have a favorite lacrosse team? Favorite player(s)? 

No, I don’t have a favorite team. I just enjoy watching box lacrosse. My favorite player is my brother, Lindsay Plunkett, because he has always challenged me to be the best player possible.

What do you do outside of the sport? 

Travel Europe.

If you could change one thing about our sport, what would it be and why?

Separation of field and box. They are two different sports that need to have different governing rules and bodies.

Congratulations again, Jamie! A well-deserved honor. Keep on Growing The Game!

Do you know someone who deserves recognition for Growing The Game in your area? Click here to fill out the Game Grower of the Month nomination form. What an incredible year it has been in the lacrosse world!

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