Onondaga CC Nassau CC lacrosse
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Game Photos: 1 Vs 2 – Onondaga CC Takes Down Nassau CC 17-6

I was positive that the #1 ranked Onondaga Community College Vs. the #2 ranked Nassau Community College was going to be a good game, and while it wasn’t really very tight in the score department, the game was definitely entertaining, as 23 goals were scored in total.  Onondaga walked away with a 17-6 NJCAA win on Long Island, and there can be no question that they are the best Junior College team in the country.

Onondaga CC Nassau CC lacrosse
OCC was dominant on Saturday.

Brendan Morgan, former NCC star attackman, two-time JuCo National Champion (2001-02) and 2002 NJCAA Player of the year, was at the game and sent over some killer game photos and a quick recap of all the action:

This potential NJCAA Championship preview was a lopsided affair, dominated by the Lazers of OCC over perennial powerhouse NCC.  The game was played at Mitchell Athletic Field, Nassau County, L.I. NY…

It wasn’t even close. OCC dominated all facets of the game. OCC was led by #45, Randy Staats on attack, #27 Quin Poweless F/O, and #5 Gil Connors in goal. It was a “shooter’s paradise” for OCC who had their fun peppering shot on Nassau’s goalie, #2 Eddie Collins. OCC can really light up a scoreboard but they are equally  impressive on the defensive end.

OCC is a very balanced team that looks poised for another run at the NJCAA title  Nassau Coach, Georger Powers, will have his team better prepared if they do meet up on Mother’s Day Weekend for the Championship game, you can count on that.

But will it be enough against this fun to watch and powerful OCC team???  #1 OCC is light years ahead of the rest of the NJCAA.  That is clear after yesterday’s battle of #1 vs. #2.

Onondaga CC Nassau CC lacrosse
So much traditional on NCC. Love that.
Onondaga CC Nassau CC lacrosse
Nassau did score some goals...
Onondaga CC Nassau CC lacrosse
... and at times there was reason to celebrate...
Onondaga CC Nassau CC lacrosse
... but OCC was stifling for much of the day and played great defense.
Onondaga CC Nassau CC lacrosse
Rusty game with a shortstick? Why not.

OCC does look pretty unstoppable this year.  Can anyone in the NJCAA lacrosse world knock off OCC or is their 6th national championship a foregone conclusion?