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Haymakers Class of 2014
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Game Photos: Haymakers Lacrosse at FLG in 3D Tournament

Editor’s Note: Tommy Gilligan made the trip down to Severn, Maryland to follow the Haymakers Class of 2014 team as they played in the FLG in 3D tournament. He captured some fantastic shots of the Ohio-based Haymakers on the field and provides a great recap of their trip.


This past weekend I had a great time shooting the Haymakers Class of 2014 lacrosse team  at the FLG in 3D tournament in Severn, Md. The boys from central Ohio, who are coached by my good friend, David Harvey (with whom I played in college), took on some of the best high school talent from all over the country. The goal was simple; they wanted to win as a team, but at the same time, each player was trying to impress college scouts through some insane rain storms.

As a photographer, the added elements of near topical storm-level rain and and muddy fields made me rather excited for the possible photo outcomes.

Unfortunately for the Haymakers, they arrived in Maryland short seven guys from their team, due to high school football commitments. However,  the Haymakers “Knuckled Up” and took the field. Over the first two days, the team from the heart of Buckeye Nation  gave up the least amount of goals in in the rising juniors division, going 2-1 in the first three games.

Just as they set out to do, they played extremely as a team. While many of the tournament participants were resting and trying to dry out for Sunday’s playoffs, the Haymakers had five guys named to Saturday night’s All-Stars game under the lights.

While the Class of 2014 team had a great showing on the east coast, the Class of 2015 team had a record breaking season winning the Ohio State Team Camp with a 21-5 record and becoming the the youngest team to ever win it.

With rising junior Jake Marino (45) already verbally committed to Umass and many others  presently still weighing their college options, things are looking good for the club that was just established 4 years ago.

Check out the Haymakers on Facebook for more info!

Here is the 2014 Haymakers Roster from the FLG in 3D event:

#      First          Last
1       Reid            Neri
5       Luke           Rust
6       Seth            McCall
8       Enzo           Giafagna
11      Jack           Flood
13      Kane          Wollmuth
22      Brandon   Ritter
23      Ian             McGougan
27      Cameron   Fry
31      Brian          Doney
44      Jon             Browne
45      Jake           Marino
54      Spencer     Cline
99      Cole            Palmby

If you’re interested in seeing more of Tommy Gilligan’s work, check out our Game Photos Archive, and the Tommy Gilligan Photography page on Facebook. If you want to have Tommy come shoot YOUR game, reach out to him. As you can see, he does great work!