GameChanger Podcast: Coaches of LaxCon
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GameChanger Chat: The Coaches of LaxCon

Editor’s Note: Joe Yevoli was an All-American lacrosse player at Virginia and Syracuse and won a national title with the Cavs in 2003 before moving on to play in the MLL. Follow Joe and follow GameChanger Lacrosse on Twitter and sign up for early access to the GameChanger Lacrosse App!

In this episode we decided to have a little fun with our audience. We attended the US Lacrosse Convention, aka LaxCon, in Baltimore this past weekend and we put the GC Lacrosse App in front of the public for the first time. We were pumped by the feedback we got from excited coaches who saw the app for the first time.

Put simply, the GameChanger Lacrosse Scorekeeping App will replace pen and paper at lacrosse games.

But, in this episode the audience was the star. We asked the coaches who attended the convention 4 questions and we got some interesting answers. I’ve edited together everyone’s responses and I think it gives a good snapshot of the lacrosse landscape today.

  • What rule change do people want to see?
  • Who do people think is the best coach today?
  • Who’s the best player in the game today?
  • Who’s the best of all time?

Find out what the people of LaxCon think on episode 12 of the GameChanger Lacrosse Podcast!

You can listen on iTunes as well, if that’s your thing! Thanks again for checking out our GameChanger Chats, see you again next week!

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