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GameChanger Chat: Dom Starsia

I got a chance to sit down with my old coach from UVa, Coach Dom Starsia.  His name is definitely one all lacrosse fans will recognize immediately.  For me, he’s someone I had the privilege to play under and as I mention int he podcast, some of the lessons I’ve learned from him I still use in my every day life.

Editor’s Note: Joe Yevoli was an All-American lacrosse player at Virginia and Syracuse and won a national title with the Cavs in 2003 when he was a 2nd Team All American. Joe is currently the Head of Lacrosse Marketing at GC, a NYC company that builds free scorekeeping and stat software for teams. He played professional lacrosse for the San Francisco Dragons, Denver Outlaws, and New York Lizards and was a 2006 MLL Rookie of the Year Runner-up.  FollowJoe and follow GameChanger Lacrosse on Twitter and sign up for early access to the GameChanger Lacrosse App!

Ask someone to sit down and interview their old coach, and it will make anyone nervous. It’s kind of an intimidating task for any player, current or former. Now, make that coach one of, if not, the best lacrosse coaches of all time – and the assignment becomes that much harder.

Coach Starsia is a graduate from Brown, so you know he’s got the smarts – but listen to him talk about pretty much anything and you’ll realize why he’s such a savvy and gifted coach.  I was honored that he took the time out of his day to talk with me.  His answers are perfect and one that any coach, player, or parent will benefit from hearing!

Dom Starsia GameChanger Chat:

EN: Thanks to Joe for giving his old coach a holler and posing some interesting questions! We always love hearing from top level guys like Dom Starsia! If you want to hear more from some of the brightest minds in the game, check out our GameChanger Chat Archives!