Determination and Imagination - Casey Powell
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GameChanger Podcast: Casey Powell

Editor’s Note: Joe Yevoli was an All-American lacrosse player at Virginia and Syracuse and won a national title with the Cavs in 2003 before moving on to play in the MLL. Follow Joe and follow GameChanger Lacrosse on Twitter and sign up for early access to the GameChanger Lacrosse App!

If you were going to interview your idol, how many questions would you have for him/her? Can infinity be the answer? I consider Casey Powell to be the greatest of all-time. I know I’m not alone there. We had a limited time to do the interview, which means – we’ll definitely have to do a Part II.

We still got a chance to talk about how he got started playing lacrosse, what he learned in high school vs. college, and what skills the indoor game forced him to take to outdoor game.

When the best player of all time talks… you listen. Period.

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