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Gear Review: Reebok Black Shaft

Gear Review: Black Shaft by Reebok Lacrosse

We check out Reebok’s much anticipated shaft from the new ‘Black’ line of gear.
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Company: Reebok Lacrosse / Product: Black Shaft / Price: $109.99

Reebok has been in the game for a while now and continues to innovate to up their game. Primarily still focused on the box game, Reebok’s newest ‘Black’ line is all about performance for the elite athlete. The Reebok Black 30″ shaft is touted as offering “the perfect combination of weight, durability and feel. The Black offers an excellent strength to weight ratio”. 

Reebok sent over their new line of Black gear for us to check out. We already reviewed the Black arm guards and will be releasing the shoulder pads as well in the coming weeks. For now though, we focus on the Black 30″ shaft.

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Appearance… +6.0

As the name of the shaft states, it’s black. I like black, but not everyone likes black. It’s a super sleek look that requires little to no introduction or description.

The shaft features silver insignias along the bottom, middle, and top parts of the shaft. ‘Reebok’, ‘Black’ and the True Temper markings (V1X)  basically fill you in on everything you need to know about this shaft. It’s a Reebok, it’s black, and it’s a True Temper product. 

Grip… +10.0

The grip on this shaft is fantastically simple as well. Almost tacky to the touch, I put very little tape on this shaft while playing with it and never felt like my grip was compromised. It kind of reminded me of a 1Lacrosse shaft I played with a while ago, but this seems to be a part of the metal itself and not a coating.

The shaft is very grippy, but yet there appears to be no grip texture or coating at all on it. Looking around the internet, I did find that Reebok does say there is a textured grip on the shaft. I am very curious to see how long this lasts.

Gear Review: Reebok Black Shaft

Weight… +10.0

The video below states that this shaft is the lightest in its class. It weighs in at 5.4 ounces without the end cap and 5.9 ounces with the endcap. Safe to say it is pretty light, the STX Surgeon SC-TI we reviewed last week weighed in at 5.3 ounces without the buttend.

For being an alloy this is, in fact, pretty light, especially considering how thick and durable it is as you will see below.

Durability… +7.5

As Reebok is heavy in the Box game, you know they would make sure the durability and strength of this shaft is formidable. The sidewall is visibly thicker than other shafts around LAS HQ. The V1X is constructed with a 7068 alloy (a combination of zinc and magnesium) to provide one of the lightest and strongest shaft materials on the market.

Gear Review: Reebok Black Shaft

We beat the tar out of this shaft and it showed very little signs of dings, dents or any sort of damage really. This is definitely a shaft light enough for the field that will take on anything it comes across in box.

Value… +7.5

With the 30″ shaft ringing in at $101.99, this is a fairly good priced shaft. While just over $100, it really isn’t too expensive for being an alloy. You can purchase the goalie version for $110.99 and the 60″ version for $140.99.

Again, for an alloy shaft that is boasted as being super lightweight but still very durable, it brings a lot to the table and therefore, has a really good value. If you are looking for a high-end shaft without the high-end cost, I’d say this is definitely a shaft to consider.

Overall… 8.0/10

Reebok might be on to something with the Black shaft. I’m very curious to see what goalies and poles think of their versions, but the 30″ version was very impressive and should be considered by anyone looking to buy a well-priced shaft that should last them a long time.

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