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Reebok Black Shoulder Pads

Gear Review: Black Shoulder Pads by Reebok Lacrosse

Jon Mundy is back to check out the Reebok Black Shoulder Pads.

Editor’s Note: Please welcome Jon Mundy to our Gear Reviews. Jon is the owner of Elite Lacrosse, a local lacrosse training facility and still plays lacrosse way more than any of us wish we could – he actually even balled it up with us during Lax Vegas last fall. 

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Company: Reebok LacrosseProduct: Black Shoulder PadsValue: $119.99

I recently received the Reebok Black Shoulder Pads to do a gear review for I really like the look of the pads, the sizing, and the carbon fiber shields Reebok has incorporated for added protection. I tested the shoulder pads out while playing a combination of indoor box lacrosse and field.

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Appearance… +10.0

I really like the look of these shoulder pads and have received many compliments on the look as well. They have a sleek low profile design, with a subtle checker board design in the fabric that flows nicely with the carbon fiber shields. I would rate the appearance at a solid 10.

Reebok Black Shoulder Pads
Photo from
Reebok Black Shoulder Pads
Photo from

Comfort… +9.0

These are hands-down the most comfortable shoulder pads I have ever worn. They are extremely light and almost molded to your body. They broke in almost instantly. The only things I found problematic was the fastening system around the chest and the arms. You clip the pads on like a seatbelt instead of Velcro which I really liked, but, the straps would gradually loosen as you play. I ended up having to tie a knot in the straps to keep them from loosening. The bicep pads attach to the shoulder pads with a Velcro piece, which is not enough to keep them attached. If Reebok used the same system that they use to tighten the pad around the bicep to attach it to the shoulder pad itself, problem solved. Overall I would give these a 9 for comfort.

Protection… +7.5

The Reebok Black shoulder pads are probably some of the safest most protecting shoulder pads I have used as well. The use of carbon fiber shields on the sternum and various shoulder locations give a very protected feel. The only spot I felt could use some more protection is the collar bone area. I think if Reebok were to incorporate some carbon fiber shields in the collar bone area or even the bicep pad these would be hands down the best all around shoulder pad on the market. I would rate them at a 7.5 for protection.

Reebok Black Shoulder Pads

Reebok Black Shoulder Pads

Reebok Black Shoulder Pads

Durability… +7.5

Outside of the glitch I mentioned earlier, these shoulder pads are extremely durable. The fastening system could use a little help, but other than that, the pads themselves will definitely stand the test of time. Rating of 7.5 for durability.

Value… +7.5

The Reebok Black shoulder pads will cost you $119.99. Regardless of the price, I believe these Reebok Black shoulder pads are the best value out there. If all you have to do is tie a knot in the strap and possibly shed the bicep pad to get the lightest, tightest and most protective pad out there, I say do it. Rating of 1.5 for value.

Overall… +8/10

Overall I give these shoulder pads an 8 out of 10. I really like the look and feel as well as the protection these pads provide. I predominantly play offensive middie and in no way, shape, or form do these pads limit mobility for the sake of protection. I would recommend these pads to all players and positions. The carbon fiber shield on the sternum gives you a ton of confidence even on the defensive side, so you can play hard and know that a shooter isn’t going to stop your heart.

I’d say Reebok hit a homerun.

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