Musket Lacrosse Composite Shaft
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Gear Review: Composite Shaft by Musket Lacrosse

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Company: Musket Lacrosse / Product: Composite Shaft / Price: $55.25

When Bryan Jenkins first started creating Musket lacrosse shafts, he had one goal in mind. That goal was to bring reasonably priced, high performance lacrosse shafts to his players, who play in non traditional areas. Bryan coaches lacrosse in Montana and he created Musket shafts with HIS players in mind. There are two composite Musket shafts, one black, and one white. While the scandium shaft is only in black.

I was fortunate enough to get my hands on a couple of the composite shafts from Musket Lacrosse. With fall ball starting up I decided to use the shaft as my gamer for the first couple weeks of practice. Take a look below to see how it performed in a game situation.

Appearance… +10.0

Back when I first started playing, I wouldn’t have looked twice at this shaft simply because it didn’t have 18 different colors. But now, the look of all the Musket Lacrosse shafts are right up my alley. One solid color with the Musket logo. This shaft lets people know you let your game do the talking. The simple, clean look is the best option on my book and you get that with every Musket shaft.

Musket Lacrosse Composite Shaft

Grip… +3.0

Musket composite shafts are a 50% carbon fiber constructed, as well as carbon fabric laminated. This lamination gives the composite shaft more of a dry sticky feel to the skin. Once the gloves are on it becomes very slippery. I first shot with this stick with no tape on it at all and in the rain. I could barely hold on to the stick. If you use tape on your stick, I would recommend it for any stick, then this is an easy problem to fix. I put tape half way up the shaft,  and then again about three quarters the way up. This seemed to fix my grip problem, but overall it was extremely slippery and difficult to hang on to.

Musket Lacrosse Composite Shaft

Weight… +6.0

The composite Musket shafts are 190 grams, or 6.7 ounces. Comparing the weight on paper to some SC-TI’s it’s only about .6 ounces heavier. While on paper that doesn’t seem like much, when playing you can feel the difference. Some people prefer heavier shafts, they think they can get more power behind some shots. I am not one of those people. I love light shafts and this was something different for me to play with. After about 10 minutes of line drills I couldn’t even notice the difference anymore. While it isn’t out fo this world light, the Musket shaft isn’t heavy by any means either.

Durability… +10.0

The black Musket composite shaft has taken a serious beating in the time it has spent in my possession. Krieg Shaw was the first person who tried to destroy the Musket shaft. He took two of them and beat them together hoping to get some results but to no avail. Both shafts were dent-less and in great shape. Then came the first week of fall ball practice. Once I got into using the shaft every day I knew I could pick apart how fast this thing would break. After weeks of torture this thing only has one blemish. Very impressive if you ask me!

Musket Lacrosse Composite Shaft

Value… +10.0

At $55.25, this is one of the best priced lacrosse shafts I’ve seen. Most sticks of this caliber are going to be around $80 or $90. This price is unbeatable. This is an all around shaft that is being sold at a starter kit price. Bryan’s goal was to create high performance shafts at affordable prices and he has done just that!

Overall… 7.8/10